Follow Me Foodie to National BBQ Day & a Born to Grill Recipe Book Giveaway!

My visit to Smitty’s Market in Lockhart, Texas.

Follow Me Foodie to National BBQ Day!

Today is National BBQ Day! The day was created to support Meal Exchange’s work of stopping hunger and increasing access to affordable and nutritious food. This year promotes the idea of barbequing with local ingredients and whether you’re a vegetarian or hardcore carnivore there are endless options for the grill.

Lamb “Popsicles” Greek Style from an epic summer BBQ I attended last year – see my post here.

In celebration of the day I’m giving away Chef Rob Rainford’s recipe book Born to Grill! Chef Rainford is from the Food Network TV show, License to Grill and his new recipe book features over 100 recipes and 20 globally inspired menus. From meats, seafood, veggies and salad this book can keep you busy for the whole BBQ season.

Enter to Win Born to Grill!

How to enter:

1) “LIKE” the Follow Me Foodie Facebook Fanpage and comment with your favourite food to grill.


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Contest closes Sunday June 24 at 11:59pm.

 Register your BBQ to WIN a Grill!

Now if you want to win a Napoleon Prestige® Series 500 Grill (P500) then here’s another contest! Register your BBQ and take some photos of your BBQ party today and send them to You don’t have to host a party in order to win and guests can also register for a chance to win!

Taking part in National BBQ Day:

1. Register your BBQ at

2. Invite your friends and family and hit the market to stock up on locally sourced food.

3. Fire up that grill!


  • Calex says:

    Lamb anything! Chops, shoulders, leg. All of it!

  • Victor says:

    I wish we had a national bbq day in Canada! My favorite food to grill has to be chicken wings. My dad used only seasoning salt and a pinch of sugar, but man, they were delicious.

  • mimihui says:

    Wa………waaaa..I like to go one day…
    Follow Me Foodie to National BBQ Day & a Born to Grill Recipe Book Giveaway!
    Thank you!!!

  • Thazin says:

    Eggplant! My mom always grills them until they’re soft and black on the outside. When it cools down, she strips the black skin off and shreds the eggplant into long strands. With lots of thinly sliced onions, chopped cilantro, lime juice, fish sauce, and chilies, it makes an amazingggggg salad! Mmm…

  • Bill S says:

    Flank steak..mmmm. fajitas.. tacos… steak salad… sliced and draped next to a grilles potato.

  • Rebecca says:

    My favourite food to grill is corn, or fruit like pineapple, peaches or plums! Yum!

  • Laura says:


  • Bow says:

    I like to make bone in chicken breasts marinated( for 1/2 hour) w. julienned ginger, 1/2 c of good Xtra virgin olive oil, 1 chopped onion, a dash of good soy, some crushed strips dried orange peel, 3-4 Star Anise buds(crushed), 2-3 roughly chopped garlic cloves and 2 tbsps of balsamic crema. Cook at med. high heat bone side(3 mins) down, turn over cook another 3 mins. Take off the main grill ans place on the rack, turn down lid, cook 20 mins….baste ocassionally with marinade. Marinade works great w. any meat.

  • Bons says:

    My favourite food to grill is salmon!

  • Laurie McKeeman says:

    Steak or verge and beef.or chicken knobs.

  • Jacqueline says:

    I love to grill eggplants and zucchini!!

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