National Egg Day! The Egg Yolk Series & Other Egg Dishes!

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Yes! It’s National Egg Day! I have been waiting for this day to arrive! Actually, not entirely true, but I love eggs and I’ll take any excuse to eat a hundred. As you may or may not know, I have an obsession with runny egg yolks. I find most people love them or hate them, and the people that hate them can go… cook them.

I wrote a post last year for Easter called “The Beauty of an Egg… Yolk” which featured “The Egg Yolk Series” – 12 photos of delicious egg dishes and where to get them. However this year I changed things up. Instead of just focusing on runny egg yolks, I’m going to expand the category and showcase just a collection of international egg dishes which have made their way into my tummy. And for those who think I have a sick fetish with egg yolks, don’t judge… it gets worse. Just kidding! But at least it’s not feet!

The Egg Series

Eggs Benedict à La LURE at LURE

Fray Burger WITH added Egg at Fray

Yarrow Meadows Duck Confit Hash at Edible Canada at The Market

Crab Cake Benedict at EBO Restaurant

Eggs Hussard at Brennan’s Restaurant

Huevos Rancheros at House Guest

Eggs Normandy at BREAD

Fried Chicken at Local 360

Cowboy Eggs Benedict at Hilltop Cafe Diner

Eggs Rothko at Egg

Albacore Tuna Nicoise Benedict at The Oakwood Canadian Bistro

Poached Egg with Burgundy Truffle at L’Abattoir

Pork Cheek Hash at Local 360

Jellie D’s All Day$3 Breakfast ComboJellie D’s

Eggs Nouvelle Orléans at Brennan’s Restaurant

Shakshuka at Tasty n Sons

Lobster Toast Au GratinLe Bremner (The egg is in there)

Scotch Eggs Recipe from Belcour Blue Mountain Preserves (Jamaica)

Pan-Fried Live Crab with Egg Yellow Sauce at No. 1 Shanghai

Egg Caviar at Jean-Georges

From The Egg Yolk Series 2011

C Restaurant – House Special Eggs Benedict

“The Golden River Egg Yolk”

Cafe Medina – Fricassé

“The Egg Yolk Waterfall”

The Well – Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict

“The Grand Canyon Egg Yolk”

Giraffe Restaurant – Giraffes’ Eggs Benedict

“The Deep Fried Egg Yolk”

The Refinery – Southwest Kicka** Benny

“The Egg Yolk Puddle”

Auntie Pesto’s Restaurant – Pasta Carbonara

“The Contained Egg Yolk”

Tapenade Bistro – Kelowna Morels

“The Lake of Egg Yolk”

Tapenade Bistro – “Chanterelles and Toast”

“The Egg Yolk Surprise”

Nove Italiano – Raviolo

“The Random Egg Yolk”

Nove Italiano – Onion Soup

“The Asian Egg Yolk”

Phnom Penh – Filet Beef Luc Lac on Rice with Egg

“The Bashful Egg Yolk”

L’Abattoir – Poached Egg

“The Egg Yolk Lava”

Delicious Cuisine – Sweet Crystal Egg

“The Egg Yolk Sprinkles”

Delicious Cuisine – Deep Fried Shrimp with Salted Egg Yolk

“The Gun Powder Egg Yolk”

The Jade Seafood – Sauteed Pumpkin & Prawn with Salted Egg

“The Misinterpreted Egg Yolk”

The Jade Seafood – Fresh Crab Meat Sauteed with Egg Yolk & Soy Milk (I think they meant egg white)


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