Follow Me Foodie to ChineseBites! Enter to win FREE Dinner for a Month and/or $250 Eating Spree!

Follow Me Foodie to ChineseBites! Enter to win a $250 Eating Spree!

I introduce! It’s a new website dedicated to Chinese dining in Metro Vancouver. Vancouver is a huge hub for Chinese food and it’s known to have the best Chinese food outside of Asia. However going into a Chinese restaurant can be intimidating if you don’t speak, read or understand the language or menu.

The menus are massive and often very vague and it can be challenging even for me. Sometimes the good stuff is in Chinese too, so it can be tough to explore beyond what you know. I’m quite familiar with the food, but I can’t read the menus, and “deep fried pastry” or “noodles with garlic sauce and beef” or “spicy chicken and vegetables” still leaves me guessing what the dish really is. I know many of my non-Chinese foodie friends often fear being recommended the sweet and sour pork, so even asking for recommendations can deliver unsatisfying results.

I’m sure many of you have tried Chinese food (hopefully beyond PF Chang’s), but even I can admit that I sometimes go back to ordering the same dishes. You always want “the good stuff”, but you don’t know what that is. And then when you ask, the servers say “everything” or just name the popular dishes. Or maybe you do know what to order, but you’re curious what other Chinese restaurants are offering it, and that’s where comes in! My blog might help you here and there, but I haven’t gone to every single Chinese restaurant and tried every single dish… yet.

Chinese restaurants tend to be notorious for not having websites too, and even if they do, they’re never really updated. Most of them only advertise promotions in Chinese newspapers and a lot are busy enough as is, but that doesn’t help food lovers like us who want the latest specials and features. already has 80+ restaurants listed and it’ll also include their signature dishes, banquet menus, new and upcoming restaurants, current promos, latest menus in both English and Chinese and diner experiences. So start planning your group because one thing will never really change – it’s almost always family style dining.

The ChineseBites Facebook Contest!


“LIKE ChineseBites on Facebook here and fill out their entry form for your chance to win FREE DINNER FOR A MONTH or a next generation iPhone. If you successfully invite another friend, you will gain 2 additional entries.

There are $3888 worth of gift certificates and prizes to be claimed for 26 lucky winners. The grand prize will be the free dinner for a month. For a complete list of prizes and contest details see here. The Facebook contest is July 20 to August 19.

The Follow Me Foodie & ChineseBites Contest!

Prize: A $250.00 eating spree at the Summer Night Market for you and five friends.

How to enter:

1) Comment on this post with a signature dish listed on ChineseBites.


2) Tweet: RT to enter! I want to win a $250 eating spree to the Summer Night Market from @ChineseBites & @followmefoodie –->

You must be a resident in Metro Vancouver to enter. & retain the right to approve entries.


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