Follow Me Foodie to the 2nd Annual Epic Summer BBQ! Enter to win!

Follow Me Foodie to the 2nd Annual Epic Summer BBQ!

I’m not sure if you remember the epic summer BBQ I attended last year, but here’s a reminder – my post here. Well it’s happening again this year and it’s one of the summer foodie events I look forward to most! This isn’t just any summer BBQ though, this is an extreme summer BBQ that most people (or carnivores) usually only dream about. Let me show you what I mean. This is the menu for this year’s 2nd Annual Epic Summer BBQ.

Everything is home made with sustainable ingredients that are mostly local and organic too. It’s nose to tail meets farm to table dining and meant for adventurous eaters… or the real foodies. Of course there are some veggies and ocean friendly seafood options because we don’t discriminate. And dessert? Like I said, “we don’t discriminate”. All food groups are included. I expect to see bacon sprinkles.

And this is where it happens….

… where we relax after entering food coma… 

And this is the cooking equipment. This BBQ will truly be a “farm to table” experience because the hosts, Tanis and Dave, have a hobby farm in their back yard. All the animals are well respected and receive massages before heading to the “steam room”. As hardcore foodies they will be preparing the delicious feast with the help of a few friends. This BBQ is for foodies, by foodies… although there might be some Vancouver chefs in the mix too!

Making a reappearance this year are the…

Kusshi Oyster Bar

16 Hour Sous Vide, Braised and Deep Fried Pork Belly Steamed Bun (Mantou) Sandwich

Lamb “Popsicles” Greek Style with Home made Tzatziki and Deep Fried Rosemary Leaves

Okay so why am I rubbing it in? It’s no fun if you can’t come right? Well that’s the thing… maybe you can! Many of you always comment on wanting to join in on these Follow Me Foodie adventures and I really want you to come too! If I could invite everyone I would, but unfortunately I’m not the host. On the other hand, I am hosting a contest for spots to attend this 2nd Annual Epic Summer BBQ!

Follow Me Foodie to the 2nd Annual Epic Summer BBQ Contest!

When: Saturday August 4th, 2012

Time: 5pm until the food, cocktails and wine stop, which usually isn’t until 12:30am at the very earliest.

Where: The location is in South Surrey and further details will be provided to the winners.

Prize: You and a guest will be invited to attend this epic summer BBQ.

How to enter:

1) Comment on this post with why you want to come.


2) Tweet: RT to enter! I want to PIG out at the 2nd Annual Epic Summer BBQ for foodies, by foodies! Details @followmefoodie –->


3) LIKE the Follow Me Foodie Facebook page and comment with why you want to come.

CONTEST CLOSES Wednesday July 25 AT 10pm.

About the 2nd Annual Summer BBQ: This BBQ is a private party hosted by my good friends Tanis and Dave with co-hosts Jay and Coreena and exclusive to about 50 intense foodies. Bring your bathing suit, come hungry and join us for an evening of fantastic food, cocktails, and food obsessed company! This event is fully hosted and free of charge, but does not include transportation. The location is in South Surrey and further details will be provided to the winner. Cocktails and wine will be flowing so I would prepare for a DD or cab. Not recommended for vegetarians, those on diets, or fussy eaters with a million allergies or fake allergies. It’s really just a celebration of food with like minded foodies and I will be there with some friends too. The winner will be selected by Tanis and Dave. This is our version of The Hunger Games.


  • Laura says:

    Oh my god!!! What an opportunity! I want to come to PIG out and try everything on the menu, meet the wonderful and generous hosts and then get a close up look at the al forno!

  • Erin Schulte says:

    Because I HEART BBQ! This would be more than amazing to Win! I reeeeeeally have been a good girl this year! Karma bring me BBQ!

  • Eva says:

    BBQ…I love BBQ…its is the best way to celebrate summer with good food, meeting wonderful people and having a good time . I would like to enter this draw and win.

  • Duff says:

    there is no need to list my reasons for wanting to come, the menu has done it all for me… oh, and the lovely company of course 🙂

  • Kirsti says:

    In my serious desire to win this contest, I will entertain you with a joke…

    What’s the difference between mashed potatoes and pea soup?

    Anyone can mash potatoes! ZING!

    Mwwaahaahaahaa PICK ME I AM FUNNY!

  • Wendy T says:

    OMG… I just want the opportunity to eat and enjoy the company of local foodies!

  • Wendy T says:

    OMG… I just want the opportunity to eat with and enjoy the company of local foodies!

  • Tiffany says:

    Oh my word, Mijune! This is outstanding. FOOD ME. I mean please feed me. I think the term Hunger Games is an understatement. This is the HUNGER OLYMPICS. I’d love to a part of it 🙂

  • Jeanie says:

    …because this menu sounds out-of-this-world fantastically delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rosalyn says:

    Because I live to eat!! This menu sounds AMAZING and I would love love love the opportunity to try it out and be surrounded by other foodies. Plus I think my new up-and-coming chef of a brother would love to be here as well!

  • Mark says:

    This event looks and sounds SOOO amazing that my wife and I will likely just have to scour every nook and cranny of South Surrey for the smell of BBQ until we find it, and crash it ourselves (a la Wedding Crashers) if we don’t get a proper invite! If anyone asks, we’ll say we came with Mijune ; )

  • John says:

    I love food! its my absolute passion! plus I can eat a lot! more so than you! and yes! that is a challenge!


  • Belinda says:

    Splended sea to sky FOOD event of eating my “FAMILY” while chatting with intense FOODIES about them . It is not a matter of want but a required attendance for me. 😀

    Pop the pig (Chinese Zodiac)is quite popular on the menu. He’s being cooked from head to toe. Thank goodness the dishes are gentler on mom the OX where her tongue and cheese are used. For me the chicken, it looks like I will have to sacrifice some wings and eggs, but all for a good cause. My aunt the lamb, pet fish, pet quail and pet duck do not mind being cooked up deliciously at this event. Looking forward to the midnight surprise and thank you for having this lovely contest. 😀

    To alter the slogan a bit – I don’t eat my family unless they are being served at the 2nd annual ULTIMATE Summer BBQ. 😀

  • Philip says:

    I might see you there Mijune, the host are my clients.

  • Philip says:

    Actually I’ve already RSVP’ed , i didnt know it would last past 12.

    Hope it will be a blast!

  • Sandra W. says:

    I would love to attend this wonderful foodie event. My hubby usually complains that I talk about the food I’m eating too much, so this way I can chat with others and in turn, he gets to enjoy BBQ as he loves good BBQ!

  • Henry Walker says:

    I am currently trying to get a group of friends together to do something similar to this. I lvoe cooking outdoors using simple and brilliant ingredients and as little in the way of appliances as possible.
    when we hunt and cook back home it is all about nose to tail and ive missed doing that sort of thing since i came here

  • Erin says:

    1. I love that you said “fake allergies”! This has become a sticking point with friends who claim, all too often, that they can’t have things – things that I know are in the foods there are eating without remorse or consequence!

    2. I just want to try everything. Whatever’s out there, let me have it.

  • matt says:

    Would die to go to this, i remember salivating over the photos from last year. Also, the friend i want to bring has been obsessing over having BBQ this summer, which has yet to happen. Mijune, it would be a delight to attend.

  • Hidy says:

    This sounds food-tastic!!! My partner and I are food adventurers – up for anything, love to eat in and out, as well as bring home ideas to our ‘test’ kitchen! Seeing as this will be FMF Hunger Games, we’ll also bring a healthy competitive spirit…I mean appetite! 🙂 Would be so honored to attend!

  • Tina says:

    I want to come for the FOOD! I love food. I remember drooling over your post from last year’s bbq.

  • John says:

    PICK ME PICK ME!! Why? Cuz I’ve been waiting for this post since last yrs mouth watering pictures!! Now I want to experience this event!

  • Ian Y says:

    You know why I want to come? Oh I’ll tell you why alright!!!!

    I’m currently 21 years of age and for the past 21 years I have been guided by my parents to the direction they want to take. Year after year, I had achieved grades they required, and eventually got into UBC. Obviously I never liked the process, but went with it nevertheless. But at an early age, I would say around my very early teens, I had slowly developed an inner joy for food. My increase in weight can confirm this! It wasn’t until I was 16 that I had started to cook, and cook real dishes. Year by year, cooking went from an occasional interest to a hobby and now my passion. My mother never supported this idea though. Like many traditional Asian parents out there, they believe even with success, a chef will never be in the same tier as being a banker or a lawyer. But how could I possibly ignore this ever growing passion of food. Not only am I just enjoying the taste, I am now analyzing each distinct flavor, identifying all the ingredients with my vision and sense of smell and mentally recreating all the dishes in my head afterwards. This is something I feel will never go away, even if I go to a different career path.

    So I went for a wild swing, and currently serve as a part time event/banquet staff at a private golf course. Initially this doesn’t sound much, but for me, it was a great stepping stone. I’m slowly dipping my feet wet and testing out the water. As an outsider, I can fully appreciate and understand the business from the clients first. Yes, I want to know how a kitchen runs, but more importantly, knowing how the rest of the business runs is just as critical. From serving to customers, I’ve learnt how dishes should be placed, temperatures, and intensity of flavors to please the mass crowds. After this learning phase, I hope to gradually move into the kitchen and learn from everyone’s mistakes and perfections and start my mission in being a distinguished chef.

    For now though, I am still a rookie so naturally I’d love the chance in going to such an amazing event and trying out all the mind-blowing and simply gorgeous dishes. Unlike many others, this isn’t just any other tasting event. This will be an event where I will remember twenty years from now and can tell my family, I’m here today because someone gave me the chance. They opened the doors to things I’ve never tasted nor ever heard of. This will be an event I will cherish forever as I do truly believe I will learn so much and develop my passion and knowledge of cooking that much more.

  • Megan says:

    I’d love to come, this sounds amazing and I’m always hungry! 😀

  • Hungry Slif says:

    This sounds like the greatest thing EVER! I would love to come along and spend an evening with like-minded carnivores with a passion for meat and maximum life enjoyment 🙂

  • Jean s says:

    Sounds awesome

  • Vivian Kwan says:

    Why I want to attend? Because I’m a seriously intense foodie!!! If I’m not saving up, I spend just about every dollar of what I make on food, food, and more food! Gourmet food, foods I’ve never tried! I haven’t visited a restaurant I’m trying for the first time ( i.e. excluding family dinners) twice because the list of restaurants I need to visit is never ending!!! Also, I take pictures of basically everything I consume that isn’t part of a daily routine of not-so-special home cooked dishes. Some day, I want to develop every single picture of every single unique dish and scrapbook them. I’ll create a documentary of everything I’ve eaten. And this epic BBQ needs to be in it. I live and breatheeee food. Nothing gets me more excited than food. I scream foodie from every angle. And I constantly scream for food too. Haha. Foodies unite!!!!!!!!!

  • Steven Lee says:

    This feast is right up my alley…I’ve hosted several food celebration when working as a sommelier in Chicago, and this one in the past from bacon-feast(all things bacon including cocktails), Sunday champagne, rose and fried chicken brunch just to name a few. I would love to share some interesting stories amongst my fellow foodies.


  • Jane says:

    cz I’m an absolute foodie! I’m sooooo attracted with the huge selections on the menu! I’m sure will appreciate every single bite of the food, and of course, it’ll be a perfect time to get to know other foodies in town.. =D

  • Charles says:

    Because I live to eat! And any event with a George Bernard Shaw quote on the poster is definitely worth attending…

  • Jayda Home says:

    This event sounds fantastic. Last year’s event certainly had your readers drooling!

  • Donna L says:

    I would like to come because my iron levels are low. My MD put me on iron pills because every time I go donate blood my iron levels are borderline. So nothing like a meatfest to get my body juiced!

  • Erin Schulte says:

    There are many reasons I should win this contest! Firstly…. I am truly a foodie and have followed Mijunes blog FOREVER! Secondly… my adopted family THE SILVAS (Les and Tracie) have raved about this BBQ and the farm FOREVER! Thirdly I am a total blast to party with and take amazing Photographs (Erin Lauren Photography!) so I can document it as well as eat EVERYTHING! Fourthly…. I dont wanna hear The Silvas talk about this again this year! I was jealous! I WANT TO EXPERIENCE IT FIRST HAND! and I guess I can throw in that the girlfriend I would bring is adorable as heck as well and a ton of fun!

    If I dont win though… Have tons of fun! You do a wonderful job and should open a Restaurant! I WOULD GO! 😉

  • Bryce Pugh says:

    Anything that causes meat sweats – this is what I live for!

  • Stephanie S says:

    I want to come because I think that would be the best gift I could ever give my boyfriend and it would mean free massages and flowers for me for a long time!!! and I loooooove me some Oysters and wings!

  • Sue says:

    Please enter me into the draw, I love BBQ!

  • Shannon says:

    OMG!!! This isn’t just a BBQ, this is an out of this BBQ!! To partake in this event would be such a foodie-amazing experience!! To have beef tongue on there is the cherry on top (in my opinion).

  • Anita says:

    You said in your last BBQ that you had oysters left over. That is sacrilege. I firmly believe that I am the champion fated to finish those oysters.

    I aspire to be a food geek. I love love love to learn and I love being around people who are passionate about their pursuits. I’m also a bit of an English geek, so if you’re into stuff like symbolism or imagery, or are looking for a word or a metaphor to describe a smell or texture, or are trying to find a conceptual underpinning that will clarify the ethos of a dish, I’m totally your gal.

    Surrey is the bomb. I don’t get to go to Surrey enough.

    Additionally, I will be leaving Vancouver forever this fall for grad school, so this is my first and last chance to go! (Add extra pity points here.)

    It’s not just food that I love, but the conversation and laughter that it facilitates and inspires. This event looks to be chock full of conversation and laughter. In my mind, “food memories” are just as important as the food served — blackberries bursting on your tongue like the surprise of a sunny Vancouver day (Cheesecake etc); beef carpaccio that melts on your tongue the way your heart does when you gaze at that special someone across the table (Cru); lamb lollipops so tasty that you don’t even notice how ridiculously blissed out you look — bone in fist, grinning from ear to ear like a kid at a carnival (Vij’s). I look forward to the new food memories this BBQ will create.

    Finally, this is total cliché, but I think one of the greatest things about food is that is can be shared. This value of sharing affects how we eat and how we enjoy what’s put on the table — I think this ethos of sharing really makes food taste better. Food is not only a communal experience; it allows us a rare glimpse into the generosity of one’s soul.

    Anyways, that’s enough from me. Even if somebody else is chosen, I look forward to the detailed blog post 🙂 <— Brave smile x <– crossed fingers

  • allison says:

    I don’t eat lamb often, but when i do, i make out with it.

  • Sarah W says:

    OMG! The Menu is amazing. Just as everyone else here, we all love to eat.

    The pictures of the Pork Belly Bao and Lamb Popsicles have me drooling already. I have never seen a BBQ like that in a private home. That is some serious equipment!!

    I am interested in trying different foods and talk to others who also appreciate the beauty of food and the technicians and artists who create it. I enjoy cooking but not great at it, I love eating and enjoy trying all the subtle tastes and highlights in my food. I would love to share this love with other like minded people.

    Everyone enter in this contest are witty, charming, and hungry. I am just a normal girl that can make friends with everyone she meets and enjoys good laughs, great conversations, and fun times.

    Hopefully, I get Pick (sending good vibes out there).. if not, can you just send me some Pork Belly, leave it in the Sous Vide Bag. 🙂

  • Jenny says:

    I don’t understand how there could be leftover oysters last year…I would love to come and finish them this year! lol I would love to attend because it sound like an amazing event! I’m drooling over the photos from last year. Would love to make some new friends and taste some epic bbq food!

  • Mike says:

    I live to eat! Let me in! Leeet meee innnn!

  • Francisco says:

    Recently at a speed dating event, the first sentence I stated was “I love to eat,” basically if you don’t appreciate the traditions of breaking bread with good company, If you can’t appreciate the finer labours in life, well then we are not a match.

    I <3 food and would <3 to attend.


  • wenxiao says:

    Mmm the smell, taste, and visuals of home cooking @ 2nd annual EPIC BBQ by the pool is insatiable.

    Within this foodmind atmosphere, the best parts will be getting to know the hosts and co-hosts Tanis, Dave, Jay and Coreena, behind the scenes of the dishes on the menu, and celebration of this exclusive event with about 50 intense foodies that bring joy, happiness and memories of a life time.

    Truely appreciate the delicious contest Mijune 🙂

  • Natalie says:

    Um…. who wouldn’t want to go??? Seriously, this is Epic! I’d love to sample all that gorgeous food!!!!!

  • Gigi says:

    The menu and location sound amazing! Have never experienced this type of bbq before.

  • Jayda Home says:

    haha…. Mike, did you watch Ghostbusters last week on tv?

  • Sarah W says:

    Hi: Just wondering if the lucky winner have been picked yet?

  • Mijune says:

    Tanis and Dave just picked them yesterday! Congrats to Rosalyn and Vivian! They have been picked! Thank you all for entering and I will be posting on this event for sure!!! I really wish I could invite all of you!!!

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