Follow Me Foodie to the 2nd Annual Epic Summer BBQ! Enter to win!

Follow Me Foodie to the 2nd Annual Epic Summer BBQ!

I’m not sure if you remember the epic summer BBQ I attended last year, but here’s a reminder – my post here. Well it’s happening again this year and it’s one of the summer foodie events I look forward to most! This isn’t just any summer BBQ though, this is an extreme summer BBQ that most people (or carnivores) usually only dream about. Let me show you what I mean. This is the menu for this year’s 2nd Annual Epic Summer BBQ.

Everything is home made with sustainable ingredients that are mostly local and organic too. It’s nose to tail meets farm to table dining and meant for adventurous eaters… or the real foodies. Of course there are some veggies and ocean friendly seafood options because we don’t discriminate. And dessert? Like I said, “we don’t discriminate”. All food groups are included. I expect to see bacon sprinkles.

And this is where it happens….

… where we relax after entering food coma… 

And this is the cooking equipment. This BBQ will truly be a “farm to table” experience because the hosts, Tanis and Dave, have a hobby farm in their back yard. All the animals are well respected and receive massages before heading to the “steam room”. As hardcore foodies they will be preparing the delicious feast with the help of a few friends. This BBQ is for foodies, by foodies… although there might be some Vancouver chefs in the mix too!

Making a reappearance this year are the…

Kusshi Oyster Bar

16 Hour Sous Vide, Braised and Deep Fried Pork Belly Steamed Bun (Mantou) Sandwich

Lamb “Popsicles” Greek Style with Home made Tzatziki and Deep Fried Rosemary Leaves

Okay so why am I rubbing it in? It’s no fun if you can’t come right? Well that’s the thing… maybe you can! Many of you always comment on wanting to join in on these Follow Me Foodie adventures and I really want you to come too! If I could invite everyone I would, but unfortunately I’m not the host. On the other hand, I am hosting a contest for spots to attend this 2nd Annual Epic Summer BBQ!

Follow Me Foodie to the 2nd Annual Epic Summer BBQ Contest!

When: Saturday August 4th, 2012

Time: 5pm until the food, cocktails and wine stop, which usually isn’t until 12:30am at the very earliest.

Where: The location is in South Surrey and further details will be provided to the winners.

Prize: You and a guest will be invited to attend this epic summer BBQ.

How to enter:

1) Comment on this post with why you want to come.


2) Tweet: RT to enter! I want to PIG out at the 2nd Annual Epic Summer BBQ for foodies, by foodies! Details @followmefoodie –->


3) LIKE the Follow Me Foodie Facebook page and comment with why you want to come.

CONTEST CLOSES Wednesday July 25 AT 10pm.

About the 2nd Annual Summer BBQ: This BBQ is a private party hosted by my good friends Tanis and Dave with co-hosts Jay and Coreena and exclusive to about 50 intense foodies. Bring your bathing suit, come hungry and join us for an evening of fantastic food, cocktails, and food obsessed company! This event is fully hosted and free of charge, but does not include transportation. The location is in South Surrey and further details will be provided to the winner. Cocktails and wine will be flowing so I would prepare for a DD or cab. Not recommended for vegetarians, those on diets, or fussy eaters with a million allergies or fake allergies. It’s really just a celebration of food with like minded foodies and I will be there with some friends too. The winner will be selected by Tanis and Dave. This is our version of The Hunger Games.


  • Andrew says:


    Long time reader, first time commenter.
    I’m dying to know how this went – I mean super bash-my-veal-cutlet-into-an-escalope-so-hard-that-it-disintegrates-into-meat-spread dying to know.
    I love the restaurant reviews, but for the past week, every time I’ve checked the site and it wasn’t there, part of me has died inside.
    When is the review coming out? Is it coming out? Oh please tell me the batteries on you camera didn’t die on you that night!
    I just…ahhh… I need to know!!

  • Mijune says:

    @Andrew!!!!!!! Oh it’s coming out alright!! With a bang too!! You’ll see! *hint* I’m waiting for the footage 😉 I LOVE your comment though! “bash-my-veal-cutlet-into-an-escalope-so-hard-that-it-disintegrates-into-meat-spread dying to know”… is probably one of the best lines I’ve heard. First time commenter and you left a massive foot print! Within this month it will be out! Just have to make sure everything is edited and perfect for the launch!

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