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Passion for Pork Restaurant Week in Whistler is August 27 – September 3!

It’s Passion for Pork Restaurant Week in Whistler and I’m tempted to make the drive up for the long weekend! If I didn’t have plans to be in Sun Peaks I would start calling up my team of pork lovers.

Passion for Pork is a campaign set out by Alberta pork producers to promote pork and all of its glory. Western Canada produces some of the best pork in the world and it is a highly sought over on a global scale. Our pigs are internationally recognized and wanted and that’s something to celebrate! Part of the reason I’m on board is because 1) I love pork (I’ve stressed it many times in my blog posts) and 2) the commitment from Alberta pork producers.

A commitment from Alberta pork producers

We Promise™

We promise that we produce safe and healthy pork

We promise we look after our animals in a safe and humane manner

We promise that we produce our pork in a environmentally sustainable way

We promise to use no growth hormones in the raising of our animals

– Alberta Pork Producers

“Alberta Pork producers follow strict animal care regulations, the most careful biosecurity measures in the world, and best of all, they are right here in Alberta, minimizing the distance from the farm gate to your plate.” – Alberta Pork Producers

The promise is worth my support so bring on the cheeks, butt, shoulder, belly and ears… actually bring out the whole hog! It’s all edible and I don’t like to waste.

Photo by @tangledbones

Passion for Pork Restaurant Week in Whistler is August 27 – September 3. It supports restaurants that are using local Alberta pork. If you’re in BC you might consider that arguable as a “local product”, but I’ll leave that up to you. Regardless, these talented chefs are showcasing their passion for pork. They have made pork dishes and menus exclusive to Passion for Pork week in Whistler. See participating restaurants here.

One of the participating restaurants is Caramba Restaurante. I was recommended to go there by my cab driver during Follow Me Foodie to Whistler, but I didn’t have time on my last visit. I did speak with Executive Chef Micah Lloyd and asked him for his personal favourite pork dish on the exclusive menu and although it was hard to choose he did say the BBQ Capicolla Cut Pork Steak.

The owner and chef of the restaurant is Mario Enero (pictured above) who is originally from Spain. Knowing that is promising that the pork is in good hands. Pork is certainly the main protein there. Here is a video recipe of his house favourite BBQ Capicola Cut Pork Steak.


Recipe by Owner/Chef Mario Enero of Caramba Restaurante, Whistler


2 tbsp Spanish paprika
1 tsp freshly ground pepper
1 tsp fresh thyme chopped
2 tbs. olive oil
4 garlic cloves, crushed

1 1/2 lbs Capicola cut pork (desired thickness)
1 tbsp coarse sea salt

¼ cup sherry wine vinegar or 2 lemons (optional)


Yield 4 6oz portions

1. Serve with lemon wedges, this will brighten flavors of the dish.
2. Combine first 5 ingredients in bowl and mix well.  Brush both sides of pork evenly and marinate in fridge for 2-3 hours.
3. Transfer pork to a tray, leaving crushed garlic and any excess oil behind. Season both sides with sea salt and BBQ on medium high heat for 3-4 minutes on each side
4. Sprinkle with lemon juice or sherry wine vinegar before serving (optional)

Passion for Pork Restaurant Week in Whistler Contest!

Win a $100 gift certificate to either Ka-Ze Sushi or Caramba Restaurante in Whistler. I’m actually pretty jealous because I haven’t been to either yet. If you win I look forward to hearing your feedback!

See the Ka-Ze Sushi Passion for Pork Menu here.

See the Caramba Restaurante Pork Menu here.

Gift certificates are valid even after Passion for Pork Restaurant Week.

How to enter:

1) Comment on this post with which pork dish you want to try at Ka-Ze Sushi or Caramba.


2) Tweet: I entered @followmefoodie‘s @BCpassion4pork #contest for $100 GC to Ka-Ze Sushi or Caramba in #Whistler! Details —>


3)“LIKE” the Follow Me Foodie Facebook Fanpage and comment with which pork dish you want to try at Ka-Ze Sushi or Caramba.


Good luck you oinkers! 😉



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