The “Something Blue” Bridal Shower Blueberry Menu & Recipes

The “Something Blue” Bridal Shower Blueberry Menu

Wedding season is winding down, but there is still a very important one left – my sister’s. My big sister Mijon is getting married. Okay for those who don’t know, let me explain the names. My mom’s name is Mimi and my dad’s name is John, so take half of each and you get Mijon. They came up the name way before the Brangelina and Tomkat stuff started. And why Mijune? Well I was born in the month of June so Mijune. There you go.

Anyway this is actually quite a personal event for me to share on my blog. Blogging about where and what I eat isn’t very personal, but this is a bit of a walk into my life and the important people in it.

My sister doesn’t live in Vancouver anymore, but when she flew in for her bridal shower I wanted to make it special. I went through the themes and decided to go with the not-so-original “Something Blue”. Of course all the girls came in blue and the decorations were blue, but naturally my focus was on the food. What was I going to do with the food? Make a blue menu? No, I’m not President’s Choice, I’m Follow Me Foodie. So how about a blueberry menu? I mean it is blueberry season so what’s stopping me? Nothing.

19 pounds. 19 pounds of blueberries. Yes, I like extreme. I got 15 pounds of BC blueberries from The Fruit Basket farm in Abbotsford, which honestly has amazing blueberries. The no chemical farm only sells either through u-pick or flats from their farm gate though. Their blueberries are huge without tasting watery and very sweet. It’s one of my favourite blueberry farms out of the 6-8 I’ve tried in Metro Vancouver and the lower mainland. I was paranoid that the 15 pounds wasn’t enough though so I went out and purchased another 4 pounds just in case. I always over estimate and cook more than I need. I rather have too much than too little though.

So what happens to 19 pounds of blueberries? This!

Follow Me Foodie to The “Something Blue” Bridal Shower Menu

The Blueberry Inspired Menu

The start of the blueberry spread…

… and the final blueberry spread.

Blueberry Matcha Mint Iced Tea with Blueberry ‘Ice Cubes’

Blueberry, Strawberry, Mango & Peach Salsa with Pita Chips

1/2 cup blueberries
1/2 cup strawberries
1 mango
1 peach
3 tbsp red onion
1 green onion
1 tbsp cilantro
1 tbsp fresh lime juice and zest
1 pinch clove
1 pinch cinnamon
1 pinch ground cumin
1 pinch paprika
1 pinch salt
Chili flakes to taste

Watermelon, Blueberry, Feta & Mint Salad with Pomegranate Vinaigrette

Quinoa Bar

Blueberries ∙ Corn ∙ Peas

Avocado ∙ Red Pepper ∙ Feta

Almonds ∙ Onions ∙ Raisins ∙ Tofu

The quinoa and blueberry idea was inspired by Chef @Nedbell’s Blueberry and Miso Tofu with Red & Golden Quinoa & Edamamae with Blueberry Vinaigrette I tried at the BC Blueberry Cocktail competition. The do-it-yourself quinoa bar idea was from my friend @SocialBites. It’s an easy way to serve a crowd and I don’t have to worry about anyone’s dietary concerns.

I used organic TruRoots Quinoa which is harvested by the small family farms in the Andean plains. It is pre washed, high quality and the company works very closely with their farmers who believe in sustainable farming.

“Blue on Blue”

Blueberry Cream Cheese, Blue Cheese & Pear Crostini with a Pear and Nut Balsamic Reduction

This was inspired by a “Blue on Blue” recipe from BC Blueberries. It was a Blueberry Roasted Garlic Spread on Crostini topped with Blue Cheese and Walnuts, but I changed the recipe around. I made a vanilla bean blueberry sauce and whipped it with cream cheese. Then I topped it with a a slice of fresh pear, blue cheese, toasted almonds and a drizzle of pear and nut balsamic reduction. I actually prefer walnuts, but forgot to buy them at the store. Make sure you allow the crostini to cool before topping them with the blueberry cream cheese spread.

Baked Blueberry, Fig, Pancetta, Ricotta & Basil with Pistachio Pesto on Puff Pastry Squares

Blueberry BBQ Roast Chicken & Blueberry Corn Salsa Croissants  – Recipe here.

Blueberry & Thyme Scones with Lemon Icing

Special “M” Scone Scones made by our wonderful friends Susan and Miranda (well seasoned hobby baker and beginner baker).

Blueberry Lavender & Lemon Muffins – Made by our wonderful friend Holly (first time muffin baker).

Mijon’s Surprise Bridal Shower Cake Made by Pastry Chef Bonnie from BonGateau

It’s modelled off her wedding shoes!

Look at those details!

Home made Vanilla Bean Blueberry Sauce Thank You gifts.


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