Win a trip for 2 to Montreal AND come eat with me (hopefully)!

Win a trip for 2 to Montreal AND come eat with me (hopefully)!

Hey! You! Yes, YOU!! I want you and your date to come eat with me in Montreal! Please?!

Alright guys! Here’s our chance to go to Montreal! I’ve been chosen as one of the 5 bloggers across North America for this contest, but I can’t go to Taste Montreal (November 1-11) without your votes! Hopefully YOU (and your +1) will be my dining partners at Chez L’Épicier too! Tourism Montreal matched me up with the restaurant that suits my dining style and they nailed it.

Don’t worry, you’ll only be stuck with me for one meal and they set us up at a restaurant I REALLY want to try… so go vote!

Contest is open to residents of Canada/USA only.

Enter here. (Pick me :))

I’m not that cool, but I can eat! AND the restaurant and the trip is really the coolest part of this! I’ll try and be the coolest I can! I can’t guarantee I’m not embarrassing. It will be MY honour to dine with YOU.

**Warning: I take a lot of photos and notes. You’ll see what it’s like to eat and go to school with me at the same time. No returns or refunds for a different blogger 😉


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