CedarCreek Estate Winery 2007 Platinum Tradition Giveaway!

Follow Me Foodie to the CedarCreek Estate Winery 2007 Platinum Tradition Giveaway!

Happy October! But wait, what’s there to be happy about? Summer is gone, the rain is back and it’s not a holiday. Good point, but I’m about to change things around and help make October a little more interesting!

Canadian Thanksgiving around the corner and I guess there is still Halloween, but what about everything in between? Well if you’re a wine lover than the the next 25 days in October are going to be exciting! Actually if you’re a wine lover than your life is always exciting… unless you drink because it’s not, but regardless CedarCreek Estate Winery and I are going to entertain your October with a creative wine hunt!

CedarCreek Estate Winery is one of BC’s first 8 wineries and they’re celebrating their 25th Anniversary this year! In honour of their Silver Anniversary CedarCreek will be giving away one bottle of their 2007 Platinum Tradition (Bordeaux red blend with 23% Syrah) each day (October 1 -25) at a participating restaurant. There will be daily hints on which restaurant to head to.

Who can play? 

Those in Vancouver, Whistler and Kelowna.

How to play?

1) Like CedarCreek Estate Winery’s Facebook App to get the secret phrase


2) Follow #CedarCreek25 on twitter for hints (I will also be tweeting clues – @followmefoodie)


3) Sign up for a daily e-mail hint

You have to be the first person at the right restaurant on the right day to say the secret phrase after 5pm to win the bottle of Tradition estimated to be worth more than $120 at a restaurant. Good luck!


Bluewater Café
Cibo Trattoria
CinCin Ristorante
Cork & Fin
Edible Canada
Gotham Steakhouse
Hy’s Steakhouse
Joe Fortes
Raincity Grill
Tableau at The Loden
The Observatory at Grouse Mountain
West Restaurant

Bearfoot Bistro
RimRock Cafe

RauDZ Regional table
Vintage Room at the Coast Capri
Waterfront Wines


  • Jayda Home says:

    Yea! I just received one from Cork and Fin. I went there an hour early, just in case. This wine is very special to Bruno and I since we had it on our wedding night. It’s impossible to find, so thank you so much for letting us know about this event….. you’re the best! I’m going to give Bruno this bottle for Christmas. Until then I am going to hide it in our wine cellar. XOXO Jayda

  • Dear Jayda!

    Congratulations on winning the bottle. Its is rare and special and only the 25 participating restaurants have 11 more bottles each of this wine. So if you’re going for dinner to any of those you can order one. Good luck, we still have a few more restaurants to go! You can also sign up to receive a daily hint by e mail here http://www.facebook.com/CedarCreekWine/app_348496871896126

  • Jayda Home says:

    Thank you. I was very excited and pleased to receive this bottle. I can’t wait to come back to Cork and Fin for dinner and lunch. Your menu looks amazing…… and obviously you have a great taste in wine. Your staff is also so nice…. they all were very polite and professional. Thank you again for participating in this event….. Cedar Creek is a magnificent winery and we are always happy to see it on local restaurant’s menus.

  • Mijune says:

    @Jayda Home – So sorry for my late reply! I am THRILLED that you won!!!! yay!!!! 🙂 xo

    @CedarCreek – thank you so much for following up with a comment! The bottle went to a very well deserved FMF reader and supporter of your winery!!

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