Follow Me Foodie to Montreal – Round 2!

Follow Me Foodie to Montreal – Round 2!

This trip came so suddenly and unexpectedly! I haven’t even finished Follow Me Foodie to Beijing, Follow Me Foodie to Hong Kong – Round 2, or even started with Follow Me Foodie to Bali and then this came right around the corner! I was honoured to be chosen as one of the six food and travel bloggers to participate in Tourism Montreal‘s “Dinner with a Blogger Contest“, and thanks for everyone’s votes I won the trip! My fellow bloggers are class acts so I was delighted just to be listed with them.

It’s been exactly a year since Follow Me Foodie to Montreal & Quebec City and I was thrilled to be back for round 2. There were so many restaurants I wanted to try that I never got to so I was hoping to cross them off the list this time. I honestly love Montreal and it’s one of Canada’s leading gastronomical cities along with Vancouver, BC (my hometown) and Toronto, ON. So with my bags packed, warmest coat, knee high boots, earmuffs, gloves and scarf, and appetite ready, I was off to the 1st Annual Taste Montreal Restaurant Week.

Taste Montreal or Taste MTL is an opportunity to try set menus at participating restaurants at affordable prices ($19, $29, $39 and a late night menu for $19). For Vancouverites, this festival is the equivalent to Dine Out Vancouver.

I was only there for a few days so I had to make the most out of it. My plan was to try Joe Beef and Au Pied De Cochon, Montreal institutions which I missed last time, but unfortunately due to limited time and scheduling I missed them again. Hopefully I’ll get to them in Follow Me Foodie to Montreal – Round 3 😉 (*fingers crossed*). Although disappointed, I got to try other restaurants that were off the beaten path and more known to locals, which I love doing as well.

Catherine from Tourism Montreal, Courtney, Danielle, and… I don’t know who that last girl is.

Follow Me Foodie to Montreal – Round 2 was short, but sweet and it was a literal and figurative “Taste of Montreal”. Besides the once again delicious eats, the best part was meeting the lovely contest winner Courtney from Vancouver, Washington and her partner Danielle. I have a general idea of who reads Follow Me Foodie, but I don’t really know who you are. For me, I was not “the prize” in this contest, but the opportunity to meet the people who support what I do was the real prize. It was truly my honour to dine with them… and on Tourism Montreal’s tab =p. Jokes aside, I can only hope to meet more of you and without your support this would not be possible. Thank you and thank you Tourism Montreal.

Here is just a small taste of things you can expect from Follow Me Foodie to Montreal – Round 2!

The now more famous than ever Wilensky’s… thanks to the boys at Joe Beef, David Chang and Aziz Ansari for putting them on the map. The line up here might start to look like the one for Schwartz’s Montreal Smoked Meat.

Another local favourite in Old Montreal.

And of course offal – veal kidneys and veal brain. Keeping with traditions, this is how they would eat in France too. Montreal is quite adventurous and open minded with food since the majority of the population is Francophone. It’s nose to tail dining and nothing goes to waste, much like the Asian and particularly Chinese culture. Using the whole animal is a no-brainer. Ha! Pun intended.

And whether you hate it or you love it, foie gras is common in Montreal and generally embraced. And yes, there are sustainable duck farms and I visited one in Quebec City – see here. The above is Cauliflower & Blackburn Pie with Seared Foie Gras.

I couldn’t resist. I like to try new places when I’m traveling and although I tried Fairmount Bagels last time I had to revisit them. Eating one on the spot and taking bags to go is just something everyone should do… unless you’re gluten free, then just bring them for me! However I did see a small bin of gluten free bagels there this time. See my post for St-Viateur Bagel & Café VS Fairmount Bagel (two most famous spots for Montreal bagels).

The city is full of museums and artists and I was pleased to find one at Le Contemporain.

And while fancy food has its place, so does old fashioned Polish comfort food at Stash’s Cafe.

And of course dessert is always more than one. Local Quebec Apples in Four Ways (apple tart tatin, apple cider sorbet, apple chip, and “apple pogo”)  followed by home made marshmallows at Chez L’Épicier.

 Follow Me Foodie to Montreal – Round 2 starts soon!


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