Thank You! Follow Me Foodie to Montreal – Round 2!

Thank You! Follow Me Foodie to Montreal – Round 2!

Bonjour! Guess what?! You know that “Dinner with a Blogger Contest“?! The one where one lucky person wins a trip for 2 to Montreal during Restaurant Week! Yes! That’s the one! Well guess what?! I won! I was shocked because I had some serious competition and it was an honour to be part of the 6 chosen bloggers!

Thank you for all the wonderful votes because without you I would not have the opportunity to go to Montreal to dine with a reader. I feel so lucky! My sincerest thank you again for your constant support, readership and loyalty to this blog and me 🙂

I’m so happy that a Follow Me Foodie reader won the trip! Courtney from Vancouver, Washington (so random that she’s from Vancouver, WA!) was the winner of the trip for two and I’ll be meeting her and her guest on Friday for dinner at Chez L’Épicier in Montreal! I’ve been waiting so long to try this restaurant so I can’t wait! Tourism Montreal nailed my dining style and matched me up perfectly and I just know I’ll so inspired by the food.

I promise I’ll report back on all my culinary delights, but if you have any suggestions please feel free to leave a comment. It’s been a year since Follow Me Foodie to Montreal & Quebec City, so I’m looking forward to trying restaurants I missed the first time as well as new restaurants that are currently dominating the scene.


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