Top 5 Gift Ideas & “Must Haves” for the Foodies & Gourmets with more to spend.

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Top 5 Gift Ideas & “Must Haves” for the Gourmets who are rolling in dough… figuratively.

Okay so your wallet is bursting with bills and you have some shiny pennies you would like to spend on the foodie you care about most. You really want to spoil them this year and the full set of Santoku knives and trip to Thomas Keller’s French Laundry just aren’t cutting it. Well actually both of those would cut it and are more expensive than the things I have listed.

Anyway here are my top 5 gift ideas that carry a heftier price tag. It’s not really my “top 5”, but it’s a solid list for rich folk. They’re not necessarily far fetched, but they certainly aren’t your average gifts either. It’s kind of a “for fun” gift guide, but I’m also dead serious about wanting all of them… even the last one (which is a bit over the top).

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big_green_egg_large1. The Big Green Egg Smoker – It reminds me of a giant avocado and it might not look like the prettiest thing, but it’s a heavy duty and high quality piece of kitchen equipment. It’s a Kamado Style grill with a ceramic shell so it retains heat really well for even cooking. It’s a grill, smoker and oven in one. It reaches temperatures up to 600 degrees and can also maintain a consistent 200 degrees for slow and low smoking and grilling. You can smoke a 20 pound turkey with this… *hint hint*.

Price: $800 for large size
Where to buy: Big Green Egg retailers

Bone in Jamon Iberico Ham2. Bone-In Jamón Ibérico Ham by Fermín – Show me some leg! This is a little taste of Spain right in your own home. This actually isn’t a bad investment if you get a bunch of ‘food geeks’ in on it too. This ham is from a Pata negra, a free-range black pig from a southwest region of Spain. It is considered as the Kobe beef from Japan. It’s fed a diet of high quality grain and cured in mountain air for 2 years. The breed is very unique and the meat is high in omega 3’s and oleic acid, giving the meat complex flavours and an undeniable tenderness that melts in your mouth. A thing of beauty!

Price: $599
Where to buy: La Tienda

 ccc-header-20123. Tickets to Gold Medal Plates 2013 – The Canadian Culinary Championships – It’s one of the most prestigious culinary events in Canada. Top 10 Chefs from across Canada compete for the title of “Canada’s Best Chef” at the Gold Medal Plates in Kelowna, BC. It is 2 days of intense competitions, amazing food and stellar wine. See my experience for this event at Gold Medal Plates 2012 – Grand Finale

Price: Corporate tables and individual tickets available

Individual ticket pricing:
All 3 Canadian Culinary Championships events – $ 450.00 plus HST.
Mystery Wine Pairing on Friday night – $ 125.00 plus HST.
The Grand Finale on Saturday night – $ 250.00 plus HST

Where to buy: Gold Medal Plates

vacuum chamber4. VacMaster VP112 Chamber Vacuum Sealer – Just looking at this makes me what to grunt like Tim Allen on Home Improvement. Actually the smoker made me do that as well. Vacuum sealers used in the top restaurants can be $1000 and up, so I consider this reasonable to have at home. It has traditional commercial technology and it allows you to vacuum package liquids. It’s awesome… and I want it… actually I’m waiting for it to arrive. Yay! Ramen noodles for the next month… which I will infuse with pork stock using this vacuum sealer and my SousVide Supreme!

Price: $799
Where to buy: Cedarlane Culinary

Truffle Tree5. Adopt a Truffle Tree – Who needs kids when you got truffles? And who needs the Christmas tree when you can have a truffle tree? It’s not as big of a commitment as adopting a child too, and the only thing that needs to be approved is your credit card. If you fancy truffles, then fancy this. You can adopt a truffle-producing oak tree in a French truffle plantation and you pay an annual fee to have it cared for. They will either mail you your truffles or you can have them sell them on your behalf and they will mail you a cheque.

Price: $299 per tree + $69/year maintenance
Where to buy: Truffle Tree


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