SousVide Supreme 101 & Cooking Demo Event

SousVide Supreme 101 & Cooking Demo Event

So you’ve seen me or others blog about it, but if you want a closer look than join us for some food and wine at the SousVide Supreme 101 cooking demo!

Barbara Jo’s Books to Cooks has teamed up with Cedarlane Culinary and Mijune (that’s me!) to bring you an evening of delicious food and education. Join us for this interactive event and find out everything you need to know about sous vide!

Sous Vide (pronounced soo-veed) means “under vacuum” in French, and sous vide cooking is a gourmet culinary technique long used by chefs worldwide.

The sous vide cooking technique involves cooking food in vacuum-sealed pouches, submerged in a water bath held at a precisely controlled temperature. The end result? Perfectly cooked and healthy food… every time!

sous vide

What: Come learn about sous vide at our SousVide Cooking 101 demonstration class!

When: Wednesday, January 23rd 6-7:30pm

Where: Barbara Jo’s Books to Cooks
1740 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6J 1H6 (Google Map)

Tickets: $10 (kids under 12 free) and include samples of the following foods cooked sous vide:

Chicken Breast
Rib-Eye Steak
Flank Steak
64°C Eggs
Brussel Sprouts
Champagne Strawberries with Crème Fraiche (both cooked SousVide)

**Space is limited so please sign up early to avoid disappointment.**

**Note: All attending will receive FREE admission to the BC Foodservice Expo ($20 value) compliments of BC Chefs’ Association!”


“Once you sous vide, you never go back…My wife thought I was crazy to get this thing, but already she doesn’t want to eat anything else.” – New York Times

“This technique might be the biggest advance in cooking since the gas oven.” – TIME

“Chefs achieve perfectly-prepared meats by cooking them sous vide.” – Food Network

“The SousVide Supreme makes it possible to cook a 12-course meal for six people out of an apartment kitchen, with every protein coming out perfectly cooked.” – Serious Eats


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