Bocuse d’Or 2013 Winners, Results, Recap & Photos!

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The Winners, Results, Photos & More!

The 14th bi-annual Bocuse d’Or competition in Lyon, France has finally come to an end. Now everyone can get some sleep! In a nutshell it is often described as the Culinary Olympics meets the Superbowl with a little bit of the Oscars (the trophy looks like one too).

Bocuse Champions 9 (Custom)It was an intense 2 days of cooking at one of the most prestigious culinary competitions in the world. 24 of the very best chefs had 5.5 hours to create a fish and meat dish using “black box ingredients” they were told about in late November. These two courses (1 plate, 1 platter) were presented to a panel of 24 highly acclaimed international chefs (representing each participating country) acting as judges. Each chef was accompanied by their coach and commis or assistant chef who must be under the age of 22. The teams have dedicated the last 2 years of their lives to represent their countries at Bocuse d’Or 2013.

Bocuse Champions 5 (Custom)Congratulations to all winners and teams! I’m sure I speak on behalf of all your countries when I say you made us proud to be in the Top 24! And if I knew you personally I would say even before the Top 24… but because I don’t, that would be weird.

Bocuse Champions 4 (Custom)French Chef in Lyon and culinary legend who is the founder of the Bocuse d’Or, Mr. Paul Bocuse and his famous pose! (Age 86)

And the Bocuse d’Or 2013 winners are…

Bocuse d’Or (Gold): France

Bocuse Silver: Denmark

Bocuse Bronze: Japan

Best commis: United Kingdom’s Kristian Curtis

Special Fish Prize: Norway

Special Meat Prize: United Kingdom

Best Promotion: Guatemala

Best Poster (online vote): Hungary

Bocuse Champions 3I like this pose better! Look at that pride! How can you not be happy for him?

Bocuse Champions 2 (Custom)Being Canadian I was rooting for Chef Alex Chen, but to be honest, seeing France win was like watching Canada win Gold in men’s hockey Olympics 2010. They brought the trophy home… well technically the trophy never left since the birthplace of the competition is in France.

This is the 6th time France has been on the podium, the 5th time for Denmark and the 1st time for Japan. Japan is only the second non-European country to make it onto the podium and Chef Rasmus Kofoed of Denmark won the last Bocuse d’Or – see my post on Bocuse d’Or 2011. The highest ranking of a North American chef is 4th place which is held by Bocuse d’Or Canadian Chef Robert Sulatycky in 1999.

Bocuse Champions 7 (Custom)Eep! How nervous does this make you?!

Bocuse Champions 8 (Custom)Canada’s Bocuse d’Or representative Chef Alex Chen.

The Competition & Criterion

  • The teams will be notified of the theme in late November, and no longer in June.
  • Major new feature: contestants will not be allowed to bring all their ingredients with them. On the eve of the contest, they will have an hour and a half to go to and buy seasonal products to be used in two or three imposed accompaniments.
  • To illustrate their chefs’ culinary heritage and encourage diversity, the third accompaniment must be typical of their home country.
  • Accompanied by their coach and commis, contestants must devise and write down the recipe for their dishes the evening before the contest after buying the ingredients.
  • Turbot and European Blue Lobster were the mandatory ingredients for the fish course and Irish Beef was the primary ingredient for the meat platter.
  • To reproduce real restaurant conditions, applicants must prepare 14 servings: 12 for presentation to the fish judges, 1 for the presidents’ table and 1 for the official photograph.
  • Fish dishes are plated individually for each judge to represent restaurant presentation and meat dishes are presented in platters.

For the first time, the tasting panel will also give a mark for specific geographical origin and originality, in addition to the mark for taste and presentation. This new mark will concern the entire meat dish and only the typical accompaniment in the case of the fish dish.

Information from Bocuse d’Or press kit.

All photos from Jeff Nalin of Le Fotographe.

Bocuse d’Or 2013 Final Standings

4/United Kingdom
21/Sri Lanka

Team Australia

Chef Shannon Kellam of The Brisbane Club and commis Richard Pascoe with Coach Franck Putelat at Restaurant Le Parc. Team Australia placed 15th.

Australia - Fish (Custom)Australia Fish Course – I didn’t catch all of it, but it was along the lines of Turbo fillet with quinoa flakes, chia seeds, lobster with coconut cabbage, popcorn shoots and about 10 other components.

Australia - Meat (Custom)Australia – Meat Course

Team Belgium

Chef Robrecht Wissels of Belgocatering and commis Mathijs Vanheule with Coach Patrick Spiessens at Belgocatering.

Belgium - Fish (Custom)Belgium – Fish Course

Belgium - Meat (Custom)Belgium – Meat Course

Team Brazil

Chef Fabio Watanebe of Watanabe Eventos Gourmet and commis Alvaro Gasparetto with Coach David Jobert at L’atelier du Cuisinier.

Brasil - Fish (Custom)Brazil Fish Course – Tenderloin and oxtail with watercress, crispy banana, nut emulsion, creamy violet potato ball and about 10 other components I missed.

Brasil - Meat (Custom)Brazil – Meat Course

Team Canada

Chef Alex Chen of Moxies Bar & Grill and commis Jack Beers with Coach Dan Olson at Railtown Cafe. Team Canada placed 9th.

Canada - Fish (Custom)Canada Fish Course – Roasted Bone-in Turbot, Saffron Potatoes, Butter Poached Lobster, Lobster Hollandaise, Cauliflower Puree, Lobster Vinaigrette, Canadian Giant Clam Chowder, Canadian Caviar and about 10 other components.

Canada - Meat (Custom)Canada Meat Course – Roasted Beef Tenderloin, Bone Marrow Roulade, Seared Foie Gras, Black Trumpet Mushrooms, Ox Tail Gratin, Shaved Black Truffles and about 10 other componants.

Team China

Chef Jian Ping Sun of Stiller’s Restaurant and commis Wei Xu with Coach Jingshen Shi at Stiller’s Restaurant in Shanghai.

China - Fish (Custom)China Fish Course – I just remember them making a “modern Xiao Long Bao” (XLB) and the judges cutting it to try it. They inquired right before tasting whether or not it should be eaten whole and the chef said it was up to them.

China - Meat (Custom)China – Meat Course

Team Denmark

Chef Jeppe Foldager of HRS and commis Christoffer Brink with Coach Jakon de Neergaard at Rossini Organics. Team Denmark placed 2nd (Bocuse d’Or – SILVER).

Denmark - Fish (Custom)Denmark Fish Course – Turbo and  blue lobster, lobster hollandaise, potato Danish garnish, caviar, leek garnish, turbo tartare and about 10 other components I missed.

Denmark - Meat (Custom)Denmark – Meat Course

Team Estonia

Chef Heidy Pinnak of Egoist and commis Ari Thor Gunnarson with Coach Ragnar Omarsson at Hotel Nordica Reykjavik.

Estonia - Fish (Custom)Estonia – Fish Course

**Missing photo – Estonia’s Meat Course

Team Finland

Chef Mike Palonen of Villa Storsvik and commis Juho Ekegren with Coach Henry Tikkanen at Villa Storsvik.

Finland - Fish (Custom)Finland Fish Course – Turbot with Finnish caviar, lobster and rose jus, carrot flan with ginger, lobster beignet and about 10 other components I missed.

Finland - Meat (Custom)Finland – Meat Course

Team France

Chef Thibaut Ruggeri of Lenotre Paris and commis Julie Lhumeau with Coach Fabrice Prochasson at Lenotre Paris. Team France won 1st (Bocuse d’Or – GOLD).

France - Fish (Custom)France Fish Course – Turbot with lobster, “herbal pearls” and cromesquis, a croquette with a liquid center and about 10 other components I missed.

France - Meat (Custom)France Meat Course – Tartar of Irish beef shoulder with leek, truffle and vinaigrette, accompanied by garnishes like puréed potato Duchesse, bacon and wild thyme and about 10 componants I missed.

Team Guatemala

Chef Marcos Saenz of Refectorio Casa Santo Domingo and commis Rodrigo Aguilar with Coach Jorge Lamport at Camille Restaurante y Escuela.

Guatemala - Fish (Custom)Guatemala – Fish Course

Guatemala - Meat (Custom)Guatemala – Meat Course

Team Hungary

Chef Tamas Szell of Onyc/Gerbeaud and commis Adam Garai with Coach Zoltan Hamvas at Onyx/Gerbeaud. Team Hungary placed 10th.

Hungary - Fish (Custom)Hungary – Fish Course

Hungary - Meat (Custom)Hungary – Meat Course

Team Iceland

Chef Sigurdur Haraldsson of VOX and commis Hafsteinn Olafsson with Coach Thrainn Freyer Vigusson at Kolabrautin Restaurant.

Iceland - Fish (Custom)Iceland – Fish Course

Iceland - Meat (Custom)Iceland – Meat Course

Team Italy

Chef Alfio Ghezzi of Locanda Margon and commis Sebastiano Cont with Coach Frederic Garnier at Alain Ducasse Entreprise.

Italy - Fish (Custom)Italy – Fish Course

Italy - Meat (Custom)Italy – Meat Course

Team Japan

Chef Noriyuki Hamada of Hotel Bleston Court and commis Masanori Sakashita with Coach Romuald Fassenet at Chateau du Mont Joly. Team Japan placed 3rd (Bocuse d’Or BRONZE).

Japan - Fish (Custom)Japan – Fish Course

Japan - Meat (Custom)Japan – Meat Course

Team Mexico

Chef Miguel Quezada of Le Cordon Bleu Mexico and commis Axel Garcia with Coach Patrick Martin at Le Cardon Bleu Mexico.

Mexico - Fish (Custom)Meixco – Fish Course

Mexico - Meat (Custom)Mexico – Meat Course

Team Morocco

Chef Issam Jaafari of Es Saadi Gardens & Resort and commis Anas Ifiss with Coach Sebastien Bontour at Es Saadi Gardens & Resorts.

Morocco - Fish (Custom)Morocco – Fish Course

Morocco - Meat (Custom)Morocco – Meat Course

Team Netherlands

Chef Martin Ruisaard of De Fuik and commis Rosite Nietvelt with Coach Leendert Klaassens at Stenden University.

Netherlands - Fish (Custom)Netherlands – Fish Course

Netherlands - Meat (Custom)Team Netherlands – Meat Course

Team Norway

norway platter (Custom)Team Norway – Meat Course

**Missing photo – Norway’s Fish Course

Team Singapore

Chef Eng Tong Yew of The Cliff Restaurant and commis Kok-Chuen Tam with Coach Wee Bin Khoo at At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy.

Singapore - Fish (Custom)Singapore – Fish Course

Singapore - Meat (Custom)Singapore – Meat Course

Team Sri Lanka

Chef Buddhika Samarasekara of Spoons Restaurant, Hilton Colo and commis John Rashen with Coach Alan James Palmer at n/a.

Sri Lanka - Fish (Custom)Sri Lanka Fish Course – I just remembered them using a lot of tea in their components.

Sri Lanka - Meat (Custom)Sri Lanka – Meat Course

Team Sweden

Chef Adam Dahlberg of Adam & Albin Matstudio and commis Lindor Wink with Coach Peter Jelksater at Gastronomi Sverige. Team Sweden placed 6th.

Sweden - Fish (Custom)Sweden – Fish Course

Sweden - Meat (Custom)Sweden – Meat Course

Team United Kingdom

Chef Adam Bennett of Simpsons Restaurant and commis Kristian Curtis with Coach Nick Vadis at Compass Group UK & Ireland. Team UK placed 4th.

UK - Fish (Custom)United Kingdom Fish Course – Troncon of Label Rouge turbot with blue lobster and seaweed, jellied eels, Scottish smoked salmon, caviar and cucumber ketchup with potato filled with creamed leeks and rolled in espinette butter and salad of pickled vegetables with mustard seed, apple and celery puree.

UK - Meat (Custom)United Kingdom Meat Course – Roast fillet of Irish beef, cooked over English oak, mushroom and bone marrow farce, Hampshire truffles, braised oxtail & cheek with pickled walnuts & root vegetables, onion puree, “Boiled Beef & Carrots” – Scottish carrots filled with salt beet and mustard, potato cake with pickled mushrooms and red wine jus.

Team United States

Chef Richard Rosendale of Greenbrier and commis Corey Siegel with Coach Gavin Kaysen at Cafe Boulud. Team USA placed 7th.

USA - Fish (Custom)United States Fish Course – Slowly Cooked Turbot with Virginia Ham and Tennessee Black Truffles; Lobster Mousse with Butternut Squash Cooked in Cider; “Mushroom Explosion”; Twice Baked Potato & Leek Cigar; Vin Jaune Emulsion

USA - Meat (Custom)United States Meat Course – Hickory Grilled Beef Filet with Asparagus and Horseradish; Fried Hollandaise; Beef Oxtail “Yankee Pot Roast” with Spiced Red Wine Sauce; Potato Dumplings, Bone Marrow and Thyme Infused Beef Broth with Crispy Beef Filet; Slowly Roasted Carrots

**Missing photos from Team Norway’s fish course and Team Estonia’s meat course.

Please feel free to comment if you can help me fill in the blanks regarding standings, photos or descriptions of dishes.

Looking froward to Bocuse d’Or 2015!


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