Happy Valentine’s Day! Top 10 Orgasmic Dishes!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Follow Me Foodie’s Top 10 Orgasmic Dishes!

So I was thinking of doing the whole “10 Aphrodisiac Foods” or “where to go for Valentine’s day desserts” post, but it was kind of kicking a dead horse and I couldn’t find a creative spin to it. I’m already tweeting Valentine’s Day desserts from various countries throughout the day today (see them here), so I wanted to do something different.

And then it dawned on me, that the 10 foods that I find “orgasmic” are not even the given oysters, chocolate and caviar (although nothing against those), but they are just dishes done well and done right.

I could eat a bar of chocolate and 75 oysters (which I’ve done before) and not feel lovey dovey, or I can eat one amazing dish that makes me want to kick the table and throw the plate across the room.

Sure oysters are scientifically proven to be aphrodisiacs and many varieties are freaking amazing, but here are my top 10 orgasmic dishes of this year. None of the listed dishes are scientifically proven to be aphrodisiacs to my knowledge, but they are fully capable of giving you an instant foodgasm.

If you’re a couple then go try these together, and if you’re single then go by yourself and have satisfaction knowing that you won’t have to share. If that doesn’t make you feel better about your current status, then just know “grass is greener on the other side”.

The list is limited to what I tried this year.
Listed in no particular order.
Based on the menu item, not the restaurant.

Blue Water Cafe Raw Bar Unsung Heroes Menu (10)1. Red Sea Urchin – Sea urchin mousse in its crispy shell with ponzu jelly and avocado sauce at Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar. My post here.

Yolk's Breakfast (8)2. Chicken & Waffles – Deep fried chicken and Belgium waffles with gravy and maple syrup at Yolk’s Breakfast.

FMF in San Diego - Carnitas Snack Shack Shop (8)3. Pork Sandwich – Pork loin schnitzel, pulled pork, bacon, pepperoncini-pickle relish, shack aioli at Carnitas Snack Shack. My post here.

Chambar Dine Out (6)4. Duo de Pétoncle et Porc – Seared scallops, crispy pork belly, Belgium endive, watercress purée, lemongrass rum caramel at Chambar. My post here.

FMF in San Diego - Geoge's at the Cove (51)5. Doughnuts & Dips – Cinnamon caramel, pumpkin custard, maple yogurt, orange mallow creme at George’s at the Cove. My post here.

BaoQi Eateri (13)6. Pomelo salad (Seasonal) – Pomelo, pickled daikon & carrot, shrimp, pork, peanut, rau ram at BaoQi Eateri. My post here.

Pig On the Street Food Truck (9)7. The Porker – Double smoked bacon, sage and apple sausage stuffing, home made chutney, goat Gouda, house made caramelized onion mayo, and greens all wrapped up in their handmade flatbread at Pig on the Street. My post here.

Beaucoup Bakery  (25)8. Cheese Scone at Beaucoup Bakery. My post here.

West Dine Out Amex (12)9. Seared F*** with Pears in Textures at West. My post here.

Food Trucks 2 081 (Custom)10. Kick A** Fried Rice with Pork Belly at Le Tigre.

And just because I don’t want you to think I have anything against oysters…

057 (Custom)We refilled this tray with the same amount four times… between 3 people as an appy.

Nuno's Birthday Lamb & Momofuku Cakes (8)Kusshi Oysters and Malpeque Oysters from Lamb 5 Ways dinner.

NOLA Cochon (25)Wood-Fired Oyster Roast at Cochon

Fishermans-Terrace- Chinese New Year Oyster dishDried Oysters

The American Sector NOLA (18)Oyster Po’ Boy

Chicago Alinea (18)Oyster Leaf

Diva at the Met  (3)Kusshi Oysters – Romaine, Daikon, Wild Sorrel, Orange Pearls

Northern Divine Caviar C Restaurant (5)Kumamoto Oyster and Cucumber with Northern Divine Caviar

 Gyo-O Japanese (10)Oyster Ramen

Pair Bistro (9.5)PAIR Signature Oysters

See! I love them! Maybe I should have just done a tribute to oysters… ?

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