2013 Healthy Chefs Competition Winners & Recap!

The 2013 Healthy Chef Competition Winners & Recap!

Follow Me Foodie’s recap of The 14th Annual Healthy Chef Competition Event & Fundraiser.

It was my fourth year attending the Healthy Chef Competition event and fundraiser on March 13th at the Hyatt Regency in Vancouver. It’s an annual event organized by the British Columbia Chef’s Association (BCCA) and the BC Produce Marketing Association (BCPMA) to promote healthy eating and the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Healthy Chefs Competition (28)On behalf of the BC Chefs’ Association I would like to thank the 500 guests who came out to support our event and chefs. Without your attendance and the generous donations from our sponsors (Platinum sponsors: Sysco Vancouver, Gordon Food Service, The Little Potato Company and B&W Insurance, Gold sponsors: BC Tree Fruits and Farmers’ Fresh Mushrooms) this would not be possible. The fundraising efforts help to support the Canadian Cancer Society, the Heart and Stroke Foundation and the “Fruits and Veggies Mix it Up” for better health program.

Healthy Chefs Competition (27)Our BC Chefs’ president Chef Edgar Rahal and me (BC Chefs’ Social Media Liaison)!

It was an honour to judge the competition again this year, and scores were pretty close especially amongst the top contenders. The criteria was based on overall taste, use of ingredients, presentation, table showcase, and use of fruits and vegetables. It’s meant to be a fun and healthy competition, but the restaurants invest a lot of time and energy in preparing the dishes, so a big congratulations to all teams for their efforts. They do not go unnoticed.

2012 Healthy Chef Competition Winners:

Healthy Chefs Competition (22)2013 Healthy Chef Champion Romeo Oloresisimo plating his entree

Healthy Plate Award (Healthy Chef Champion): Chef Romeo Oloresisimo at Dine Prestons Kamloops

Best Entree: Tivoli – Executive Inn

Best Dessert: Chef Jaroslaw Faryna at Copper Chimney

Best Table Showcase: River Rock Casino

People’s Choice Award: Art Institute of Vancouver

Photo credits: Good Life Vancouver & Ed Lau.

1. Hyatt Regency Vancouver

Healthy Chefs Competition (32)Slow Roasted Beef Tenderloin, Potato and Mushroom Pomme Anna Cake, Crispy Mushroom Chips, Kale 

Healthy Chefs Competition (31)Blood Orange Panna Cotta, Quinoa Biscotti, Dark Chocolate Rum Gelee

2. Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts

Healthy Chefs Competition (18)Steamed Halibut on Apple-Purple Potato Puree with Broth

Healthy Chefs Competition (19)Angel Food Cake with Toasted Coconut, Passion Fruit and Mango Compote, Coconut Infused White Balsamic Reduction, Fresh Star Fruit, Dragon Fruit and Kiwi, Chantilly Cream with Pineapple

3. Dine Prestons Kamloops

Winner: Healthy Chef Champion

Healthy Chefs Competition (23)Baked Sablefish, Forbiden Rice, Medley of Stir Fry Vegetables, Black Bean Sauce

Healthy Chefs Competition (1)Goat Cheese Cake, Vanilla Parsnip Gelato, Beet Compote, Sunflower Seeds Praline

4. Art Institute of Vancouver

Winner: People’s Choice Award

Healthy Chefs Competition (34)Sous Vide Sword Fish, Tropical Fruit Salsa, Grilled Gapaya Puree with Coconut Lime Rice, and Pan Seared Scallop on top of a Pickled Fennel and Asparagus Salad.

Healthy Chefs Competition (2)Napoleon Fruit Cake with Coconut Coating, Lime Sorbet and Guava Sorbet with Banana Chips

5. River Rock Casino Restaurant

Winner: Best Table Showcase

Healthy Chefs Competition (7)These lovely ladies giving a yoga demonstration helped them win Best Table Showcase.

Healthy Chefs Competition (17)Fish & Seafood Soup – prawns, red snapper, scallop with sweet pea, red bell pepper, bean sprouts, green bean, purple eggplant, Napa cabbage, carrot, celery, red onion, basil, cilantro, scallion, coconut milk, chicken stock, sambal oelek.

Healthy Chefs Competition (37)Fruits and Coconut Jelly Nage – coconut jelly, rambutan, mango, prickly pear, dragon fruit, mangosteen, star fruit, papaya, pineapple, coconut and orange juice

Healthy Chefs Competition (3)Avocado Pandan and Green Tea Shake – Avocado, pandan leaf; sweetened condensed milk, ice, green tea

6. Grand Dynasty Seafood

Entree Shrimp with mushroom and Singapore style vermicelli

Dessert Osthamanthus jelly with osamanthus flower and goji berry

*Missing Photos*

7. Dynasty Seafood

Healthy Chefs Competition (12)Sirloin beef steak cubes in a mushroom beef gravy with fried rice, peas, long bean, butter and corn

Dessert: Goji Berry Jelly

8. Copper Chimney

Winner: Best Dessert

Healthy Chefs Competition (4)Indian Spiced Rack of Lamb: Papaya seed creme fraiche marinade, roasted cabbage, micro greens, edible flowers, Chilliwack farm eggs dumplings, vegetable medley

Healthy Chefs Competition (16)European style Indian Fusion Mousse Cake: Poppy seed mango mousse cake and coconut pitaya fruit cake, duo of berry coulis, dark chocolate and caramel swirl, Zobrowka vodka, tabasco

9. Tivoli (Executive Inn)

Winner: Best Entree

Healthy Chefs Competition (14)CAB Beef Tenderloin – roasted, grain-fed, 9 vegetable ragout, applewood smoked Yukon gold gratin potatoes.

Healthy Chefs Competition (25)Port Poached Bartlett Pear – White chocolate cherry parfait with fruit salsa


  • Sara says:

    Wow! Lucky you for getting to judge these types of competitions!

    The Fruits and Coconut Jelly Nage looks absolutely beautiful. I am positive this type of food is healthier than most restaurants but some ingredients choice would not fit in as healthy in my books (hello condensed milk, caramel, creme fraiche…). Otherwise, everything looks super appetizing for this type of food!

    I am sure you had an awesome time!

  • Mijune says:

    @Sara – yes! Lucky me!! yup, yup… those are all things we take into consideration when judging the “Healthy Plate” award. Many chefs this time around used yogurt instead of cream, but there were things that could not be avoided like sugar in desserts. Perhaps stevia, coconut sugar, or agave would be better… maybe next year 😉

  • Miss Jane says:

    Who knew everyday food or normal ingredients can be turned into such master pieces. Thank you for sharing your experience at this competition. I have to ask, did you eat all of these dishes in the photos?

  • Mijune says:

    @Miss Jane – how else can we judge if we don’t eat them all? Of course we have to! have to be fair 🙂 Thanks for commenting Jane!

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