Ash-Reshteh (Persian New Years Noodle Soup) Recipe

Ash-Reshteh (Persian New Years Noodle Soup) Recipe

Happy Nowrūz! Today is Nowrūz (Iranian/Persian New Years). I’ve been using the terms Iranian and Persian interchangeably in my posts for the last few days, but Persian people are an Iranian people who speak the modern Persian language. Persian refers to things relating to Persia, and Iranian food is often referred to as Persian food.

I’ve been writing about Chef Hamid Salimian’s Persian inspired Tasting Menu at Diva at the Met in honour of Nowruz, and I thought it would be appropriate to share one of his recipes. I decided to go with the one that looked most approachable while being significant to Nowruz. Luckily it was also one of my favourite dishes from the tasting menu. This is Hamid’s recipe for Ash-Reshteh. I asked him to “dumb it down,” so no need to find molecular gastronomy kits.

Ash-Reshteh is a type of thick winter soup and there are nearly 50 different kinds of ashes in Iran. Reshteh refers to Persian noodles which symbolize good fortune, longevity and success. It is tradition to have some before new adventures or on special occasions, like Nowrūz. It is a hearty Persian noodle soup many Persians consider comfort food. It is vegetarian, healthy and nutritious and approachable for all ages and tastes. It is almost Persian style minestrone.

This is one of the most popular Iranian dishes and it is the dish that made cooking in Iran a profession. I learned from Hamid that Ash pasz means chef and also refers to the person cooking the soup. You can make this in advance and just like any other soup or stew it would be even better the next day.

This article states that originally the noodles started off as dumplings made from wheat flour and water, but it wasn’t until later the dough was stretched into noodles. The noodles represent the winding path of life, however they are often broken into the soup for easy consumption. It is said the person making Ash-Reshteh will have their wishes granted, so what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Ash-Reshteh (Persian New Years Noodle Soup) Recipe

Diva at the Met Persian Menu (13)Recipe by Hamid Salimian


  • 50 g raw chickpeas cooked day before in water and steeped with mint leafs
  • 50 g kidney bean cooked day before in water and steeped with mint leafs
  • 50 g mung bean cooked day before in water and steeped with mint leafs
  • 50 g brown lentils cooked day before in water and steeped with mint leafs
  • 125g parsley leaves
  • 125g cilantro leaves sliced
  • 250g scallion sliced sliced
  • 125g of spinach sliced
  • 50 g fresh mint leaves sliced
  • 20 g garlic sliced
  • 200g of shallots sliced
  • 25 g dried mint
  • 1 teaspoon turmeric powder
  • 150g of mint oil
  • 300g kashk
  • 100g of sour cream
  • Lemon juice to taste
  • Salt to taste
  • Ash noodle as much as you like blanched before
  • Garlic chips
  • Crispy shallots
  • Yogurt to finish

Notes: If you cannot find Persian Ash noodles at the Persian grocery store (which would be rare), you can substitute for spaghetti or angel hair pasta. If you cannot find kashk (whey) you may also use yogurt.


  1. In heavy bottom pot brown garlic, shallots, turmeric, with mint oil
  2. Add scallion till soften
  3. Season with kosher salt
  4. Add dried mint till soften
  5. Add Italian parsley till soften
  6. Add cilantro till soften
  7. Add water to the soup till everything is fully covered
  8. Bring to simmer
  9. Add spinach
  10. Cook down the soup till herbs are fully cooked
  11. Add kashk and sour cream
  12. Mix well
  13. Add more salt and lemon juice until you are happy with flavor
  14. Once you are happy with the thickness of the soup add noodles and all beans
  15. Let the soup sit in the fridge at least one day before serving
  16. On the serving day garnish the soup with mint oil, garlic chips, shallot chips


(Bon appetit!)


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