Follow Me Foodie is named “Must Follow 2013” at The Social Media Awards – Thank You!

Follow Me Foodie is named “Must Follow 2013” at The Social Media Awards!

Well, we did it! Yes, we and not I. A very heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported me and this blog. Your readership, tweets, votes, comments and overall support has helped me win this honourable award. Thank you to The Social Media Awards, voters, and panel of expert judges for naming Follow Me Foodie as “Must Follow 2013”. I am forever grateful and hope to represent the category well.

*Pinch* What? Did that really just happen?! Apparently. Yesterday was The Social Media Awards created by the Social Media Network and presented by Vancity Buzz. Students and industry gathered at the Roundhouse Community Centre in Vancouver, BC for The Social Media Awards results, and to celebrate all that is media – old and new. Congratulations to all nominees and category winners. This was the first ever Social Media Awards in Vancouver and I only see it growing from here. There were so many people that deserved to be recognized and this is only the beginning.

Okay, there is no point on hiding it because it is likely floating around on the internet somewhere already… but I got emotional during the acceptance speech. *Blush*. It wasn’t just the award, but it was everything leading up to it and I got teary eyed. It was slightly embarrassing but it has been, and still is, an intense journey with many ups and downs. I was overwhelmed.

I started Follow Me Foodie about three and a half years ago and there have been many mistakes made and many lessons learned. I started it out of my pure passion for food and for no other reason. It has never been about the invites, the so called “fame” or the “business”, and I have no ulterior motives. This blog is me. I pour my heart and soul into each of these blog posts, and honesty is what guides it. Social media has truly changed my life and it has given me the platform to express myself freely and independently. I have learned a lot about myself along the way. Thank you for accepting me and my imperfections and reading about what I have to say. Thank you for sharing my passion.

So what now? Well there is even more work to do now than before! It is back to the blog and books for me. There is always something to be learned, ways to improve and things I can do to make Follow Me Foodie better. This award means a lot to me, but I share it with all of you.

Social Media Awards 021 (Custom)Here is my “Must Follow 2013” award! Each one was painted by a local artist and mine was painted by the talented Felix Berytus. 

Social Media Awards 024 (Custom)He was perfect, but I just had to personalize him a little bit 🙂

Must Follow 2013 Social Media Awards 1Thank you for following! xo Mijune of Follow Me Foodie


  • Roger says:

    Congrats Mijune! You definitely deserve it! It still amazes all your readers how much time and effort you put into this blog and learning more about food to make it better. Keep it up! 🙂

  • Proud of you darling. This is just the beginning. xo

  • jodi says:

    an excellent blog, Mijune. You deserve it.

  • LotusRapper says:

    Congratulations, Mijune ….. you definitely deserved it !! 😀

  • Vivian says:

    congrats mijune! I knew you had a special talent and something about your food blog that stuck out from all the other ones in a good way! I always enjoy reading up on your food adventures and look forward to more! Keep up with the great success!

  • Karla Lim says:

    Mijune!! Super proud of you. My sisters and I are all your superfans! 🙂 You deserve it!

  • Alison Price says:

    Well deserved. Congratulations!

  • Mijune says:

    @Alison – thank you so much!!!

    @Karla – awww thank you to you and your sisters! If it wasn’t for you girls reading it would be nowhere.

    @Vivian – Vivian, you’ve been reading since the beginning so thank you for sticking by my side. Greatly appreciate your loyal readership.

    @LR – Thank YOU for your loyal readership too!! You’ve been there since I started!!

    @Jodi – Honoured. Thanks for the comment Jodi.

    @Jillian – It was a pleasure to meet you and I value the work YOU do too!!! It was anyone’s game and I mean that. Thanks for being so supportive and sweet.

    @Roger – I still have lots to learn and i hope you’ll stay with me through my journey!!! I’ll keep working hard to being better.

  • Mijune says:

    @Eva – thank you, Eva!

  • Bow says:

    Congrats, Mijune ! Whatta journey it’s been…

  • Mijune says:

    @Bow – and thank YOU for sticking with me and commenting. The support you’ve shown through the years is much appreciated Bow. I’ve learned from you.

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