Follow Me Foodie to Chef Gordon Oliver… or don’t.

Follow Me Foodie to Chef Gordon Oliver… or don’t.

This is a sponsored post, but it’s also the perfect scapegoat for me to complain about the quality of cooking shows on television nowadays. We’ve sure moved passed Julia Child, James Beard and Joyce Chen. A couple of these were before my time, but it’s interesting to note Joyce Chen was the first Asian host of a cooking show in the 1960’s, and not Martin Yan of Yan Can Cook, although both iconic.

MilkshakeBuffalo Wings Milkshake by Gordon Oliver

So who is Gordon Oliver anyway? I was introduced to him online so I checked out his website and was completely disinterested, but not shocked he claimed “celebrity chef” status. His recipes for “Buffalo Wings Milkshake” and “Salmon Chocolate Cake” sound and look vile, although his “Buffalo Wings Cupcake” exists in the real world and I’ve tried it – see here.

I would actually be open minded about his bizarre concoctions if they were coming from the hands of a trusted chef, but I don’t really know who this guy is. The food and his recipes seem too outrageous to be taken seriously, but I guess it has entertainment value. I’m not the target audience and I think it’s a waste of food, but who doesn’t like to watch a train wreck once in a while? I only hope the show starts with a “Do not try this at home” disclaimer. Sorry, it’s Friday and I’m feeling more blunt today.

I like writing about delicious food, not disgusting food. I don’t know what credentials Gordon Oliver has, or if he’s just some made up personality with dollar signs all over him, but based on the name I’m assuming he’s some hybrid of Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver. If you ever thought of what their lovechild would look like – it’s that guy (at the top). Scary.

Anyway according to his Twitter @GordonOliverCa, he’s supposed to appear on Eat Talk on CTV March 14 at 7:27pm EST time doing a cooking demo. I am really not surprised on what makes it on television anymore… especially after watching an infamous video on how to make a kwanzaa cake.


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