Khatsahlano! Music + Art Festival – The Follow Me Foodie Food Preview in Kitsilano!

Follow Me Foodie to the Khatsahlano! Music + Art Festival!

What: Khatsahlano! is one of Vancouver’s largest outdoor street parties. Local merchants located on West 4th Avenue will turn 10 blocks of Kitsilano into a street fair with 50 bands, 12 stages, indie acts, street performers, eclectic artist experiences, giveaways, activities, entertainment, and of course food from neighbourhood merchants, food carts and trucks.

When: Saturday, July 13, 2013 from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm

Where: Kitsilano’s West 4th Avenue (between Burrard & MacDonald – 10 blocks of the Kitsilano neighbourhood)

Cost: FREE. Food is available for purchase.

A Follow Me Foodie Food preview of Kitsilano’s participating restaurants!

I was invited to a media dine around previewing the street food at Khatsahlano! Music + Art Festival (they need to include “food” in the name, because it’s a highlight). Merchants will be featuring popular favourites from their restaurants and food and drinks will be available for sample and purchase.

Fable Kitchen will be roasting a whole pig and patios will be open with margaritas, sangrias, craft beer and non-alcoholic drinks. The event is open to the public and it’s on all day, so pace yourself because there are several restaurants to check out!

Have fun stumbling down 10 blocks (some of those “lemonades” are strong), but don’t make too much of a mess! You want to be able to set foot in this community based neighbourhood again.

**Note: Since this was a sampling, it is not representable of the restaurant’s food or chef on a regular day. This is just a highlight of what to expect at Khatsahlano!, so I will leave comments to a minimum. There will be many more restaurants and food trucks participating than what is shown in this post.

The Bimini Public House

Khatsahlano Street Party - Kitsilano Food (3.5)Restaurant: The Bimini Public House
Cuisine: Pub Food/Bar/American/International
Last visited: July 10, 2013
Location: Vancouver, BC (Kitsilano)
Address: 2010 W 4th Ave
Phone: (604) 733-7116
Twitter: @TheBiminiPub
Price Range: $10-20

The Bimini Public House is part of the Donnelly Group and it’s been around for ages, but it was my first time in. It’s very much a pub/sports bar and it’s not really my scene, but popular with college students and of course on game days. I tried their free range hot wings which tasted like buffalo wings, and their chargrilled Vietnamese short ribs with sweet-soy marinade which reminded me of Asian style summer BBQ’s. It’s standard pub food and if it was one or the other I’d go for the ribs.

Las Margaritas Mexican

Khatsahlano Street Party - Kitsilano Food (6.5)Restaurant: Las Margaritas Mexican
Last visited:
 July 10, 2013
Vancouver, BC (Kitsilano)
1999 W 4th Ave
(604) 734-7117
Price Range: 

Las Margaritas Mexican is a classic on West 4th. It’s always packed and I’ve still never been after all these years of being born and raised in Vancouver. The Margarita was my favourite thing I tried and it was almost as good as the one I had at SoBo which was amazing. I sampled their guacamole, chicken flautas, mini chimis with refried beans and cheese, and white fish ceviche. My friend who is born and raised in Mexico says the Sopa de Tortilla is what she comes here specifically for, and it reminds her of the one at home. This is something you can try for lunch or dinner when you dine in.

Terra Breads Bakery & Cafe

Khatsahlano Street Party - Kitsilano Food (8.5)Restaurant: Terra Breads Bakery & Cafe
Cuisine: Bakery/Sandwiches/Desserts
Last visited: July 10, 2013
Location: Vancouver, BC (Kitsilano)
Address: 1999 W 4th Ave
Phone: (604) 736-1838
Twitter: @TerraBreads
Price Range: $10 or less

It’s one of Vancouver’s “best bakeries” and it is one of my favourites for breads. They’re going to be showcasing their chocolate chip cookies and lemonade as well as some other goodies. It’s a good place to stop by for take-home goods and I would explore their other items because their chocolate chip cookies don’t give justice to what they are capable of. Try their cranberry pistachio bread and pick up a box of pecan fruit crisps.

Fable Kitchen

Khatsahlano Street Party - Kitsilano Food (10.5)Restaurant: Fable Kitchen
Cuisine: Canadian/Pacific Northwest/West Coast
Last visited: July 10, 2013
Location: Vancouver, BC (Kitsilano)
Address: 1944 West 4th Ave
Phone: (604) 732-1322
Twitter: @fablekitchen
Price Range: $20-30+

I’ve come here for dinner on a regular night and I still haven’t written my post, but it was excellent. I highly recommend reservations and try their Gnocchi with Pork Belly, Spaghetti and Meatballs, Canned Tuna, and Lemon Meringue Parfait. The Chickpea Fritters are also popular and what they will showcase at Khatsahlano! along with a tomato gazpacho. The Chickpea Fritters are topped with pickled red onion, shoots and curry mayo. It’s a good gluten free and vegetarian option and basically their own version of a falafel. The whole pig roast is going to be a major highlight at the festival so I’m assuming pulled pork sliders are on the menu too.

Trattoria Italian Kitchen

Khatsahlano Street Party - Kitsilano Food (11.1)Restaurant: Trattoria Italian Kitchen
Cuisine: Italian/Pasta
Last visited: July 10, 2013
Location: Vancouver, BC (Kitsilano)
Address: 1850 W 4th Ave
Phone: (604) 732-1441
Twitter: @Glowbal_Group
Price Range: $10-20+

It is part of the Glowbal Group and I haven’t been here in a couple years, but it’s probably my favourite of the Glowbal Group Restaurants from what I remember. It’s family friendly and affordable and on this occasion I tried their Burrata & Eggplant with roasted peppers, tomatoes, chili oil, herb crostini, and their signature meatballs. I actually enjoy their brussel sprouts and cauliflower sides here most, but those are also sides you can find at some of their downtown Glowbal restaurants.

BiBo Pizzeria con Cucina

Khatsahlano Street Party - Kitsilano Food (11.5)Restaurant: BiBo Pizzeria con Cucina
Cuisine: Italian/Pizza
Last visited: July 10, 2013
Location: Vancouver, BC (Kitsilano)
Address: 1835 West 4th
Phone: (604) 568-6177
Twitter: @theBiBo
Price Range: $10-20

It’s the place to go for authentic Neapolitan pizza in Kitsilano. The owner and chef are Italian through and through and the pizzas were pretty good. The leoparding wasn’t quite there, but they’re soft and tender with a foldable crust, as they should be, with a soupy centre as well. See my post on authentic Neapolitan style pizza.

Romer’s Burger Bar

Khatsahlano Street Party - Kitsilano Food (32.5)Restaurant: Romer’s Burger Bar
Cuisine: Burgers/American/Salads
Last visited: July 10, 2013
Location: Vancouver, BC (Kitsilano)
Address: 1873 W 4th Ave
Phone: (604) 732-9545
Twitter: @romersburger
Price Range: $10-20

I tried the Quinoa salad with smoked tofu, greens, cucumbers, red peppers and basil, and his Watermelon salad with organic watercress, basil and feta cheese. I also tried slider versions of Romer’s “Standard Beef Burgers” with tomato, lettuce, crispy onions, pickles and R sauce, and “R Famous Drunken Doughnuts” served with a trio of dipping sauces: Kahlua Nutella, Limoncello, and Maple Whisky. All items are available on a regular day and the Drunken Doughnuts have been popular for ages – see my post on them here.

They’re not my favourite burgers in the city, but they are very good burgers and I would come back for them. It’s a casual, fun and affordable spot.

Khatsahlano Street Party - Kitsilano Food (30)These! These I would come back for alone. I had to dedicate a full size picture to the thing I enjoyed most during the dine around! Romer’s Burger Bar showcased their new meatballs made with ground pork, ground beef, and chorizo in a peanut sriracha sauce. Can you say umami bomb?? I loved these savoury, sweet and spicy moist meatballs covered in a lusciously rich and creamy gravy. Careful, they’re indulgent and would be great in one of those fluffy brioche buns… sloppy joes, baby!

If they make them as good as I had them at the preview then I would wait in line for them, or cross your fingers they’ll be on the regular menu and come back to try them.

Tractor Foods

Khatsahlano Street Party - Kitsilano Food (39.5)Restaurant: Tractor Foods
Cuisine: Salads
Last visited: July 10, 2013
Location: Vancouver, BC (Kitsilano)
Address: 1999 W 4th Ave
Phone: (604) 222-2557
Twitter: @TractorFoods
Price Range: $10 or less

This is a new spot to hit Kitsilano and it’s basically a salad bar, but they offer meat and seafood salads as well. Their signature salad is their roasted red & yellow beets, green beans, pistachios, goat’s milk feta, and walnut vinaigrette salad. It was quite standard, but I wrote an article about my feelings for beet and goat cheese salad here. I love beet salads, but for the most part, they are what they are.

I didn’t get any pistachios or taste much walnut in the vinaigrette, but the place has a clean, fresh and modern vibe and feel. The “lemonade” was minty and infused with basil and it went down too easily. It’s a convenient and healthy option for the area and I’m curious to try what else they have to offer.

The August Jack

Khatsahlano Street Party - Kitsilano Food (43.5)Restaurant: The August Jack
Cuisine: Craft Beer/Tapas/International
Last visited: July 10, 2013
Location: Vancouver, BC (Kitsilano)
Address: 1999 W 4th Ave
Phone: (778) 998-9575
Twitter: @TheAugustJack
Price Range: $10-20

This is officially the newest restaurant to move into the area and it focuses on craft beer (one of Vancouver’s current loves). They specialize in beer and food pairings so it’s not just any “beer pub” to get drunk at. It brings sophistication to the local artisan brew scene so it’s for a specific market who appreciates this style of drinking and dining. The mussels were really nice, but they still don’t have their online menu up yet. Brewery lounges were recently approved in Vancouver which is very good news, but of course be responsible and get home safely if you plan to stay here for a while.

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