Vancouver’s high on pie: New Pie Shops with must try pies!

Mac n cheese in pastry: thank Vancouver Pie Hole for coming up with this comfort food combo. Photo from Vancouver Pie Hole.

Follow Me Foodie: Vancouver’s high on pie

By Mijune Pak , Follow Me Foodie – WE Vancouver
Published: July 10, 2013 3:00 PM
Updated: July 10, 2013 3:49 PM

I said “pies were the new cupcakes” two years ago, but I think I was still a bit early. It has taken Vancouver a couple years to pick up on the pie craze, but when we get it, we really get it and we do it right. Sure, sometimes we work a food trend until its death, but the city is full of talented bakers taking this “trend” to new heights.

Pies are nothing new, but how people are looking, approaching and appreciating them is. It is essentially two components: the crust and the filling. I mean how many times can you switch the two up? They are not hard to make, but it is hard to find ones that stand out. As simple and old-fashioned as this dessert is, pies are getting some love from the new generation.

We’re lucky to live in beautiful BC, where we have a bountiful harvest of fresh fruits and veggies, so there is no reason to reach for canned filling. With the Eat Local movement in full force, people are looking for better quality products and our local artisans are filling the void and their pies accordingly. Here are just a few spots giving pies a new name and flavour.

Read the full article and see the new pies shops in Vancouver!

Vancouver Farmers Market’s Annual BC Berry Pie Bake Off!

The Vancouver Farmers Market is also hosting its annual BC Berry Pie Bake Off at the Main Street Market on July 17. Open to professional and amateur bakers of all ages the deadline to enter is July 15. Click here for details and entry form.

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