Follow Me Foodie to San Francisco on TripleSpot! + $100 Giveaway!

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Follow Me Foodie to San Francisco on TripleSpot!

And we’re off again! I know I just got home from an amazing trip in Hong Kong and Tokyo, but today I head to San Francisco for more food! And I’d like you to come!

If I was Oprah I’d give you, you and YOU all round trip tickets, but I’m not Oprah. On that note, I really wish you could come, but the next best thing I can do is share my experience with you.

There are seriously a million apps and social media platforms out there and I can’t even keep up with them all even though it is part of my “job”. However I was introduced to TripleSpot via TripleSpot (no coincidence there) and I decided to work together with them and test out their new app. It only recently launched and I downloaded it a couple days ago.

Triple Spot App FoodieTripleSpot is pretty much like Instagram, Twitter, FourSquare, and Pinterest in one. I’m still learning how to use it, but it’s pretty “monkey see, monkey do”. At first I thought it was going to be “just another app” to make my life more complicated, but not necessarily. I mean it is hard to keep up with all these apps and platforms, but if it actually makes my life easier or gives my readers a benefit, then I’m happy to give it a good go.

Honestly, the 1500+ word blog posts (on average) take me forever to write and I understand sometimes you guys want things “now” and instantly in real time. Well, I’m trying to do that rather than have you wait and this app might help. Don’t worry, I’m not giving up my extensive posts and meticulous details (I love details), but I just don’t always have time to do them every day anymore (I’m not a robot, although my friends question it). I post a lot on Twitter, but sometimes 140 characters doesn’t get my message across either, so hopefully this will.

With TripleSpot I can provide context and a bit of an experience because it gives me more space to write. Anyway, there’s no point on me explaining it here and just like most apps the easiest way to learn about it, or figure out how it works, is to download it… so download it! Or don’t… but I’ll leave that up to you… however if you download it you can follow me (Username: Follow Me Foodie) and “Follow Me Foodie to San Francisco”.

Mijune Pak Follow Me Foodie at State Bird Provisions in San FranciscoAt State Bird Provisions (Named America’s Best New Restaurant)

I’m using this trip to test out the app, but the trip is not sponsored by TripleSpot although this post is affiliated with them. I am actually going to San Francisco for the North American Chowzter Restaurant Awards (#ChowzterAwards) and to try a couple restaurants on my bucket list. I’ll be using the app in Vancouver too and where I see fit if I find it useful and helpful.

Anyhow, hope to see you on TripleSpot, and if not, then I’ll still be updating through my usual social media networks (e.g.: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (Username: MijunePak)… and yes, I post different stuff on each account so I’m not just repeating myself on everything. I’ll do the same for TripleSpot.

Follow Me Foodie’s $100 Gift Certificate Giveaway from TripleSpot!

And bam! $100 giveaway! So maybe I’m not Oprah, but I can still make it rain! Lol, kidding… it’s not even my money. Thanks to TripleSpot they’re making this experience a little more fun for you… bribery never gets old 😉 And who doesn’t want $100 for their next food adventure??!

Entries for the contest will be collected in three ways:

1. Share your favourite spots on TripleSpot, including a dedicated hashtag and #FMF100 in the Spot description;

2. Tweet @FollowMeFoodie & @TripleSpot with the same hashtag used on the app;

3. Comment on this post with where you would like to use your $100 (I hope it’s on something delicious).

CONTEST CLOSES Monday Dec. 2, 11:59PM.

Terms & Conditions:

1. Contest open to North American residents.
2. and TripleSpot retain the right to approve entries.
3. Prize not negotiable, cannot be exchanged or taken as cash.
4. Allow 15 days for prize delivery.
5. If winner does not respond within 30 days of the closing date of the contest another winner will be selected.


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