FOLLOW ME FOODIE: Mijune’s twelve days of Christmas

It’s the last article of the year. Oh, the pressure. How do I sum it all up?

Highlight the restaurants that opened? Or mourn the restaurants that closed? Talk about the year’s most overdone food trends, such as mash-ups like the Cronut© or Ramen Burger? Or address the most over used culinary words of this year?

Hello “farm-to-table”, “artisan”, “hand-crafted”, “small-batch”, “foraging”, and “eat local”. I use all these words, too, and some do their subject justice, but much of it has become culinary “greenwashing”. I say, “Baloney!” No, not the lunch meat, but bull shhhh… Phew… Deep breath.

Okay, I don’t want to end the year on a bad note, so how about a Christmas carol from yours truly? Although, I can’t promise my singing is great.

Here we go…

On the first day of Christmas a foodie once told me: Read the full story.

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