Follow Me Foodie: Rethinking Christmas cake (Where to buy it in Vancouver)

Bel Café’s Christmas cake gives new life to a holiday tradition. — Image Credit: Mijune Pak

This is a love it or hate it cake.

Images of gross artificial cherries, fake candied fruit, and vibrant green jelly in a dense and hard “cake” doused in cheap quality rum, brandy, and overly sweet syrups automatically cross my mind when I hear the words Christmas cake.

There are too many poor versions of this holiday staple. Growing up, I often associated any “dessert” with dried fruit as a “grandma dessert.” However, I try things until I like them, and since then I’ve found a few to get me on board.

There are so many versions which vary for each country and region, so don’t write off Christmas cakes until you’ve tried them all. Read the full article and where to buy the ones below.

Soirette Macaron & Tea - Holidays (9)Dark Fruitcake

Bel Cafe Hawksworth Christmas (2.5) (Custom)Light Christmas Cake

Stollen Smackdown (65.5)Stollen (German Christmas cake)

Stollen Smackdown (80)Panettone (Italian Christmas cake)


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