Gastro goodness in Gastown: Classic Restaurants in Gastown

Gastown’s Guu Izakaya’s tuna and sauce. — Image Credit: Mijune Pak

From hipster to hip: for the last five years, Gastown has been the hot and happening neighbourhood in Vancouver. It is what Yaletown was in its prime, and while both areas cater to very different markets, there’s increasing instances of overlap.

New restaurants want to be in Gastown and old restaurants are trying to stay here. The same goes with the people. It’s the heart of Vancouver culture, a site for gentrification, and home to some excellent eats.

While Gastown has changed over the last 10 years, there are restaurants that set down stakes before the hype. They were there when the main appeal for tourists was the steam clock.

Vancouver is not an easy place to open a restaurant, and it’s a milestone for any business to make 10 years let alone anyone in the restaurant business.

While newcomers are welcome (depending on who you ask) and change is constant, let’s take a moment to reminisce about the restaurants that have been there since long before Gastown got cool. Read the full article.

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