Follow Me Foodie: lighten up with these low(er)-cal alternatives

These Eggs Benedict from Fable are made with an olive-oil based Hollandaise sauce. — Image Credit: Mijune Pak

So you ate one too many holiday cookies, or tripled up on those turkey dinners? You might have gained a few pounds, but you enjoyed your holiday. Nothing wrong with that. We’ve all pulled up our jeans thinking “please tell me I just washed these” (this is why I prefer forgiving dresses), but investing in a whole new wardrobe isn’t the solution.

Healthy eating tends to be associated with vegetarian restaurants and juice bars, but those options don’t necessarily mean “healthy”. Don’t get me wrong — they are healthier options than steakhouses and fast food, but it depends what you order.

I’m not the person to go to for diet advice and I’m really not a diet fan. I’m also not the type to suggest a salad when you really want a burger. They’re not even close.

People tend to jump to vegetarian, no carbs, no gluten, or simply deprivation when they think of healthy eating, which is natural, but here are recommendations for those who want their cake and eat it too. Read the full story.

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