Follow me Foodie: New Year, New Food

Saffron squash leaves by Chef Jefferson Alvarez. One of the many components to Secret Location’s “300 Dishes”.

New concept: 300 Dishes at Secret Location

Seasonal menus, daily menus and fresh sheets aren’t uncommon these days, but how about a new 10-course menu every single day with no repeating dishes? It’s not something that’s happened in Vancouver, let alone anywhere, until now.

Executive chef Jefferson Alvarez of Secret Location in Gastown kicks off the year with ambitious goals: making 300 dishes. Read the full story.

New expansion: Ganache Patisserie

It is one of the earlier players in Vancouver’s Parisian dessert scene. Pastry chef and owner Peter Fong of Ganache opened in December 2003 in Yaletown. Much of his business is from cake orders and to-go items, given the limited seating, but that’s about to shift. This month they are expanding the Homer Street store and… Read the full story.

New restaurant: Cinara

It’s not the only new restaurant opening this month, but Cinara is by far one of the most anticipated… Read the full story.



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