Follow Me Foodie: The ‘real deal’ on Dine Out Vancouver menus

Chefs from across Vancouver gathered at Granville Island early in the morning on January 17 to launch the 2014 Dine Out Vancouver Festival. – Image Credit: Tourism Vancouver

Tourism Vancouver’s Dine Out Vancouver Festival is in full swing until February 2. I wrote about the“Do’s and Don’t’s” for patrons and restaurateurs last week and a few points sparked some interest.

I mentioned how portions and ingredients can be altered to meet the set prices for Dine Out, or how some menus are created exclusively for the festival. With the latter, the pro is that the menu becomes special for the event and there might be new items to try at your favourite restaurant. The con is that it might not be representative of the menu on a regular night.

I took the liberty of calling 45 (selected randomly) of the 263 participating DOVF restaurants to see who was offering regular menu options on their Dine Out menu. Read the full story.

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