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2013 Follow Me Foodie Favourites & Yearblog

Follow Me Foodie Favourites, BEST of, Memories & Recap of 2013!

Happy New Year! Hope everyone enjoyed their time with family, friends, and of course great food. I know I certainly did.

It was actually the first time since starting Follow Me Foodie in July 2009 that I’ve managed to ease up on the blog and not stress out about not working through the holidays. I used to feel really guilty about it and there is still a lot of self-pressure, but I don’t want to lose the enjoyment of blogging and life outside of it. The benefits of working for yourself is working on your own time, but that also just means working all the time. The idea of the 4 hour work week is still quite foreign to me especially since I’ve really blurred the lines between work, passion and pleasure. A bit taboo for many, but I can’t imagine it any other way.

Wow. 2013 flew by and the last quarter of it was intense with traveling. This year Follow Me Foodie included Follow Me Foodie to TorontoFollow Me Foodie to Lummi Island (twice), Follow Me Foodie to San Francisco (twice), Follow Me Foodie to TofinoFollow Me Foodie to SeattleFollow Me Foodie to WhistlerFollow Me Foodie to CalgaryFollow Me Foodie to the Yukon TerritoriesFollow Me Foodie to Hong Kong (Round 3), Follow Me Foodie to Japan (Tokyo and Kyoto), and Follow Me Foodie to Mexico (Mexico City and Oaxaca) (Mexico posts will launch soon). I never anticipated any of this happening, but am very grateful of the opportunities to explore food internationally. Just like I said in Follow Me Foodie Favourites, BEST of, Memories & Recap of 2012, the more I travel, the more I try, the more I read, the more I learn, and the more I know I’ll never know everything about food.

This “Follow Me Foodie” adventure is addicting and often delicious, however it’s gone beyond finding the so-called “best dish” in every city, it’s the learning experience and journey getting there I’ve enjoyed most. Of course, there are still those epic moments when I come across a dish I can’t forget, and those deserve to be highlighted, so that’s what I’m doing.

Welcome to my Follow Me Foodie Favourites & Best of 2013! This is a recap and yearbook/yearblog of the BEST Follow Me Foodie Food/Moments in 2013.

NOTE: It’s not necessarily THE BEST“ (read my rant on “the best” here). Food is personal and I can only discover so much in a year. “The best” is relative to what I have tried, which is definitely not everything. These are just some worth mentioning. It’s more of a 2013 recap/summary and all experiences are from 2013 only. I’ll say “the best” just because I’m weak and want to align with every other “best of 2013″ list out there.

Top 50 Most Memorable/BEST Restaurant Dishes Internationally/Globally

Follow Me Foodie travels in 2013 was amazing and I’m grateful for every trip! As much as I love exploring food in my home city (Vancouver), you can’t learn it all in one place.

The relationship between food and culture is fascinating and it’s one of the most important things when understanding a dish. Trying food from other countries helps build the palate and I get the most education when I’m at the source. It is one of the biggest rewards and I always feel like a fish out of water every time I leave a place. There is always so much more to learn and discover and I would revisit every place I went to this year.

Here are my top 50 restaurant dishes during my Follow Me Foodie travels in 2013. Again, not necessarily “the best”, but very memorable.

PS: Being from Vancouver, BC, some of the following dishes are from other Canadian provinces and therefore not “international” or “global”, but they could be for you depending on where you’re reading from.

Listed in no particular order. Based on the menu item, not the restaurant.

Follow Me Foodie to Toronto

Toronto (46)

Follow Me Foodie Best Food in Toronto 1

1. Buca Osteria & Enoteca – Bigoli – Hand-cranked duck egg pasta with duck leg, offal ragu

2. Buca Osteria & Enoteca – Sugared eggplant, chocolate and blood orange tart

3. Grand Electric – Pozole

4. Edulis – Glazed Sweetbreads, Black Trumpet Mushrooms, Fried Almonds, Celeraic Purée

Follow Me Foodie Best Food in Toronto 2

5. Canoe – Seared Foie Gras – Seaside Blueberries, Ontario Peanuts, Toasted Bulrush Brioche

6. Bosk – Warm Bread Pudding, butterscotch ice cream, bourbon and apricot gel, pecan streusel

Follow Me Foodie to Calgary

Follow Me Foodie to Calgary (12)

Best Food Internationally 6

7. NOtaBLE – Crispy potato rolls, rotisserie pork, Jalapeño Jack cheese, Ranch dip, salsa verde

8. NOtaBLE – Ravioli of confit chicken, roast mushrooms & Boursin cheese

9. Basil Ultimate Pho – Pho Sate Bo with rare beef drizzled with beef tallow oil

10. Teatro – Tiramisu

Follow Me Foodie to Tofino

The Pointe at The Wick Wickaninnish Inn Tofino (11)

Follow Me Foodie to Best Food in Tofino

11.  SoBo Restaurant – Broiled oyster, salmon bacon, miso mayo

12. SoBo Restaurant – Cibolo Shrimp, cayenne tequila sauce, blue cheese, blue claire sauce, lettuce

Follow Me Foodie to Whistler

Nita Lake Lodge - Whistler (8)

Follow Me Foodie to the Yukon Territories

northern lights yukon

Follow Me Foodie to Lummi Island

Lummi Island - Willows Inn (147)

Follow Me Foodie Best Food in Lummi Island

13. The Willows Inn – Smoked Sockeye Salmon

14. The Willows Inn – Hearth Bread with Pan Drippings

15. The Willows Inn – Crispy Crepe with Salmon Roe

16. The Willows Inn – Chicken with smoked oyster, currants and lavender by Grant Achatz

Follow Me Foodie to Seattle

2 Days in Seattle (32)

Best Food Internationally 5

17. Sitka & Spruce – Roasted eggplant, tomato, pine nuts & toast with a poached egg 

18. Sitka & Spruce – Marinated squash, basil, mustard greens & pumpkin seeds

19. Canlis – Ham & Eggs – Leek ash lonza, soft-poached quail egg, and fermented buttermilk

20. Canlis – Mille-Feuille – Milk chocolate, bananas, caramel, and peanut butter

Best Food Internationally 2

21. Crumble & Flake – Pistachio Croissant

22. Paseo – Caribbean Roast Pork Sandwich

23. Spur Gastropub – Tagliatelle, duck egg, oyster mushroom, pine nut

24. La Taqueria (San Francisco) – Lengua Taco Dorados Style

Follow Me Foodie to San Francisco

State Bird Provisions - San Francisco (1)

Best Food Internationally 7

25. benu – Lobster Coral Xiao Long Bao

26. Aziza – Almond-Honey Semifreddo, Rhubarb, Hibiscus

27. State Bird Provisions – Hamachi-avocado seaweed crostini

28. State Bird Provisions – Pork belly citrus salad

Best Food Internationally

29. Pete’s Barbeque – BBQ Chicken

30. Rich Table – Marinated Octopus, Chimichurri, new potatoes

31. Crustacean – Garlic Noodles and Signature Roasted Crab

32. Mission Chinese Food – Thrice Cooked Bacon and Rice Cakes

Follow Me Foodie to Hong Kong

The Peak Follow Me Foodie Hong Kong

Best Food Internationally 10

33. Summer Palace at Island Shangri-La – Peking Duck

34. Bo Innovation – SAGA-GYU BEEF – truffled tendon, chinese chive, daikon, aromatic bouillon

35. Bo Innovation – PETIT FOURS – 8 TREASURES

36. Catalunya – Foie and Black Truffle “Canelon”  – Veal and chicken in a crepe with cheese sauce 

Follow Me Foodie to Japan (Tokyo & Kyoto)

Follow Me Foodie to Tokyo

Follow Me Foodie to Kyoto

Follow Me Foodie to Japan Kyoto Tokyo

Best Food Internationally Japan

37. Catalunya – Jamón Ibérico Croquette

38. Kozue at Park Hyatt Hotel – Assorted Seasonal Delicacies – Bonito sushi, salted ayu fish innards, simmered chestnuts, grilled mountain trout, simmered tomato, minced chicken, walnuts sticky rice ball, mashed green soy beans, vegetables with bean curd, taro potato

39. Kozue at Park Hyatt Hotel – Sukiyaki – Hasama beef sirlpoin, matsutake mushrooms, leeks, wheat gluten, sweet soy sauce, soft boiled egg

40. Piacere at Shangri-La Tokyo – Leek and taleggio cheese risotto with Japanese uni

Best Food in Japan

41. Rokurinsha – Tsukemen ramen

42. Ishibekoji Kamikura – Assorted seasonal delicacies: Uni and scallop, Shiitake mushroom soaked in fish innards, Cured chicken egg in miso and kombu, Japanese candied caramel chestnut, Fugu fish skin mixed with anko innards, Grilled Needle fish with Karasumi cured egg yolk, and Mizuna vegetable and mushroom salad with miso dressing

43. Sushi Kanesaka – 10 day aged Chu-Toro (from Oma) Nigiri

44. Sushi Kanesaka – Kanesaka Tamago (brined in shrimp stock and dashi)

Follow Me Foodie to Mexico (Mexico City & Oaxaca)

Follow Me Foodie to Mexico Oaxaca

Best Food in Mexico and Oaxaca 1

45. Restaurante Pujol – Sea bass ceviche blue corn taco, bean puree, habanero and oregano salsa & Hoja Santa herb

46. Restaurante Pujol – Mother Mole – cooked for 250 days with 26 ingredients including: chilies, cocoa, cinnamon, pine nuts, almonds, walnuts, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, cumin, coriander, plantains etc. on tortilla

47. Nicos Restaurante – Consomé a los aromas del campo (Juliana Soup – Mexican vegetable broth)

48. Mezquite – Pancita/Menudi Red Chili Pepper and Beef Tripe Soup

Best Food in Mexico and Oaxaca 2

49. Sud 777 – Black bean soup, dried blood sausage, calamari and chicharrón

50. Pitiona – Shrimp ceviche, corn nuts, pumpkin seeds, chili, shrimp & garlic oil, watermelon, Serrano gel

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