WE Vancouver’s top 10 stories of 2013: Follow Me Foodie Joins WE

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;lkdsf;lgj! What?! Really?! Wow! Honestly this was very unexpected, but thank you so much for the continuous support. Incredibly honoured “Follow Me Foodie Joins WE” was one of WE Vancouver’s top 10 stories of 2013. Had to pinch myself!

The WE team and readers have been so welcoming, and I appreciate anyone following my stories in print and online. 2013 was a great year and now I’ll work hard to bring you better this year!

Every day we assemble the ingredients for news stories, human interest features, fashion, food and movie columns and arts previews. We then deliver what we hope is a five-course feast into the city’s sidewalk boxes, coffee shops and mobile devices before moving hungrily on to the next. But, like a host checking to see if everyone has had enough to eat, we like to know our readers are satisfied.

Accordingly, an ad hoc look back on your emails, tweets, Facebook comments and website traffic has revealed the keys to your appetites for 2013. Read the full story.

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