Follow Me Foodie to New York: Big Apple’s hidden gems & underrated restaurants

You must ring the doorbell before being admitted to The Raines Law Room – a must try speakeasy in New York. — Sean Burke

Follow Me Foodie to New York

Mijune Pak takes a bite out of some of the Big Apple’s hidden gems: Charlie Bird, Luksus at Torst, L’Ecole, The Raines Law Room and Zenkichi

Mijune Pak — Westender
March 19, 2014 02:59 PM

You can try a new restaurant in Metro Vancouver everyday and still not try them all. Trust me, I’ve tried… or am trying? The turnover is high and new restaurants pop up like bunnies in Victoria. Rent is high, standards are high, and we spread our love of food around so much that it can be hard to compete in a flourishing restaurant scene.

But if you think it’s tough in Vancouver….

The criteria is the same, but the competition in Manhattan is much higher and the options are endless. The city offers everything, which makes it that much harder to make a decision.

Any time in New York goes by quickly and every dining opportunity is precious, so use your time wisely. Luckily Cathay Pacific Airways can help with timing; it is the only luxury airline to offer direct flights between YVR and JFK, and even better is that both are red-eye flights.

That means you can sleep comfortably on the plane and arrive early the next morning, saving on a night’s accommodation — money that can then be put towards your dining budget.

I’ve been to New York before, and there are lots of “must tries”, but here are some of my under-the-radar favourites and hidden gems from this round of Follow Me Foodie to New York. Read the full story.

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