New York – Interview with Cathay Pacific’s Foodie-Flight Attendant: Cynthia Tsang

Petit fours at Per Se, one of Cynthia’s favourite restaurants in New York. My post for Per Se coming soon!

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An interview with Cathay Pacific’s foodie-flight attendant: Cynthia Tsang

Ugh. Jealous. Cynthia gets to go to New York 3 times a month… and she’s drop dead gorgeous. Double jealous. Just kidding! Well, sort of. I was actually friends with Cynthia before launching Follow Me Foodie to New York presented by Cathay Pacific.

Our common interest in food brought us together and when I was thinking of who I’d want to interview for the series, I thought of her immediately. Of course chef interviews also came to mind, but I wanted to pick the brain of someone familiar with the New York and Vancouver dining scene. Someone open to trying all foods and someone who is keen on trying all types of restaurants, Cynthia fit the profile perfectly!

Cynthia Tsang Cathay Pacific

Name:  Cynthia Tsang

Job title: Flight Attendant

Home base: Vancouver based cabin crew

Years with Cathay Pacific:  5 years

Years on YVR to NYC flight path: 5 years ever since I joined Cathay Pacific Airways

Any foodie credentials? No, but if I ever get the opportunity to gain experience in any foodie credentials, it would be an honor.

1) How many times a year are you in New York? At least 3 times per month.

Total approx. 50 times a year to NYC

2) How many New York restaurants do you try in a year? Or how many do you think you’ve been to? I am a foodie kind of girl that enjoys traveling around the world and trying new restaurants during my layovers. In New York City, I aim to try something new each time. I love to explore and try out new places and discover what is out there in the busy city. I would say I have tried 50 different restaurants in a year, including all types of cuisines.

3) What food from New York do you fly home with most often? Surprisingly, Shake Shack Burger is what I come home with most. The Shack Stack accompanied with their cheese fries is what I order when I am there, together with their coffee milkshake. Everyone must crave comfort food once in a blue moon. But, if you crave for burgers once in a while, this is the place that will not disappoint you.

4) After so many times in New York, what are a couple hidden gems you’ve discovered? I love to dress up for fine dining and enjoy good food with good company. Le Bernadine is one of my favorite best French/seafood restaurants. Daniel and Per Se is also very popular. Caviar Russe is worth the splurge if you love caviar like me, this restaurant is so romantic and the atmosphere is incredible. For uni lovers, I would recommend trying Takashi, a Japanese/Korean yakitori, it’s not your st marks st low end meat. But I love their uni kalbi sashimi with seafood.

5) If you could bring a restaurant or dish in NY to YVR what would it be? 
The Halal Guys on 6th and W 53rd St. NY would be a dish I would bring back to Vancouver. This flavorful chopped chicken and pieces of sausage mixed with lettuce over rice is truly delicious. The white creamy sauce and chili sauce adds a flavorful tasty strong flavor to this halal dish that Vancouver doesn’t have. This food cart is so popular in New York City there’s always a line up. Tourists and locals love to enjoy this type of dish on the streets on a nice warm day.

6) If you could bring a restaurant or dish in YVR to NY what would it be? 
Blue Water Cafe located in Yaletown, downtown Vancouver is known for fresh seafood. One of my favorite dishes I hope NYC can try is the sea urchin mousse in a crispy shell with ponzu and avocado sauce. This dish is really a piece of art once you see it, you will be amazed

7) Favorite spot in NYC to wind down after a long day of travel? Beauty and Essex is the best girls night out with downtown glam. Great place to relax and catch up with your girlfriends at this fine looking lounge. Atmosphere is unique and service is up to standard.

8) What New York food do friends ask you to bring home most often? Authentic NYC Cheesecake is what all my friends ask for all the time. What better treat to bring back from NYC. I have a major sweet tooth besides chocolate. I make trips to Venrios Italian Bakery, NY DE Robertis Pasticceria, Venerios Pastry Shop for their cheesecake and bring home to share. Trust me, everyone loves it. Another treat would be Laudree de Macarons, originally from Paris. This beauty creates amazingly fine and delicate sweets that melt every girl’s heart. Paired with a cup of hot Americano is just perfect for me.

9) Favourite thing from the Cathay in-flight menu? Which flight is it available on? I enjoy the simple American breakfast from first class. Fresh pan fried eggs, assorted warm croissant and a glass of fresh orange juice. For dinner, I really like the Asian hot pot with pork ribs, Chinese style sausage and Chinese roast pork drizzled over with sweet soy sauce in a hot clay pot. A menu won’t be complete without dessert, the warm apple crumble served with vanilla ice cream is delicious served on long haul flights to and from Hong Kong.

10) Name 3 dishes or restaurants in New York worth flying for.
Caviar Russe 538 Madison Ave, New York
Morimoto New York Restaurant 88 10th Ave, New York
Per Se 10 Columbus Cir #4, New York

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