Follow Me Foodie: All hail the Alaskan king crab (Vancouver, BC)

Dynasty’s steamed egg custard with dried scallop and Alaskan king crab vermicelli with tobiko is an original Sam Leung dish and a change from the typical baked Portuguese fried rice with Alaskan king crab course. — Mijune Pak

Follow Me Foodie: All hail the Alaskan king crab

Spot prawn season is coming but right now is a time to indulge in Vancouver chefs’ offerings during important culinary time of the year in the Chinese community

Mijune PakFollow Me Foodie — Westender
April 2, 2014 12:30 PM

Hurry! Get it before it’s gone, or at least before it’s out of season and gets ridiculously expensive again!

It’s Alaskan king crab season and word on the street is that this year’s season is short. So what are you waiting for? Make those reservations.

You know how excited people get for spot prawn season? Well, the same kind of excitement happens at this time of year in the Chinese community. I love both, but the Alaskan king crab dinner is a luxurious feast.

It typically showcases the Alaskan king crab in three ways, but if you pay more you get more options. The three standards are: Read my full article and see my recommendations.

See – full menu and details of the Alaskan King Crab dinner at Dynasty.

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