FOLLOW ME FOODIE: An egg hunt for Easter – Must try egg dishes in Vancouver

Anchovies and Eggs from Ask for Luigi

Mijune Pak — Westender
April 18, 2014 02:12 PM

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! Every year it’s all about chocolate. I love chocolate and reading about it, but I don’t know how much more I can add.

So what else do we celebrate during Easter? Bunnies? I love rabbit, but unfortunately there aren’t many options to eat it in Vancouver. Yes, rabbits are pets, but they also taste delicious.

If you didn’t know the anatomy, you’d think it was chicken. Which brings me to chicken, and what do chickens lay?


That’s what I’ll bring to the table.

It’s no secret that I have a soft spot for eggs. I love them. It’s one of the most versatile ingredients used in savoury and sweet cooking. The yolk is a natural and effortless sauce and it’s so much more than breakfast food.

So while the kids are looking for eggs, I’m going to send you on your own Easter egg hunt. Here are just a few of my favourite egg dishes in Vancouver. See full article and recommendations.

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  • Jayda says:

    speaking of rabbits….. as a hostess gift my sister-in-law gave me a rabbit while staying with us in France. I really didn’t know what to say since I was vegetarian at the time and the idea of preparing a rabbit was unimagineable to me. Thank goodness Bruno stepped up to the plate and skinned and prepared the rabbit…..and apparently did a very good job preparing it as well. I was not involved at all but tried to stay open-minded about the whole process……

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