Follow Me Foodie: No shame in doggie bags (Is packing up food more shameful than wasting?)

Fat Duck Mobile Eatery Food Truck (5)Follow Me Foodie: No shame in doggie bags

The idea of packing food up, no matter how little, should not be any more shameful than wasting it.

Mijune Pak — WE Vancouver
June 11, 2014 12:58 PM

What would you do if I asked to pack the half of slice of bread (not complimentary) left on my plate?” I ask my server.

“I’d pack it,” he replies.

“Okay, what if I left a quarter-slice of bread?” as I rip half of it and eat it.

“At that point I’d probably ask if you just wanted to finish the last bite.”

“Fair enough,” I say. “And what if I asked for it to still be packed?”

“I’d just do it!”

Good answer, but you know what an even better answer would be? According to my friend: “Pack it up and include an extra slice regardless of it being free bread.”

Now, that’s service, and reason for a bigger tip.

It all started on my recent trip to London. I had ordered enough for eight people and there were only two of us dining. Before I ordered I made a note that I knew I would be ordering too much food, but that I would pack up leftovers, so not to worry about excessive ordering.

At the end of dinner I asked for the leftovers to be packed (there was enough to feed a family of four for a full dinner) and I was told there was a “no packing policy.” Read the full article.

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  • Ivy says:

    It’s pretty standard in european culture.

    I do like that they try to portion their meals to an appropriate size so there is no need to pack anything. You just feel properly full. I think we’re just used to living so close to America where more food = more value.

  • Mijune says:

    @Ivy – I noticed, as to why I had to mention the London part and also it being quite standard there. I still don’t agree with it though. What if someone is going for a snack or not a full meal? It’s really hard to judge how much is “enough” for an individual’s diet. So many factors to consider. I totally get what you mean by portion size, but not quite my point. Not packing food is just wasteful practice. Have the option and let customers decide.

    On that note, thank you for your valid comment. Still appreciated! 🙂

  • Bow says:

    I would also ask for the food to be packed; you ordered a lot of food so you could taste….the restaurant should’ve realized this was uncommon, so they should of accomodated you. Unfortunately, in London(and other major cities), a lot of high end restaurants live ” on the dole”(a lot of people have expense accounts which their clients unwittingly pay)…they can only survive thusly. On any recession, a lot of places close. It is hubris on the part of these establishments to look down on people who want to take food home. Years ago, some London establishments with excellent wine cellars and great vintages would allow customers to buy 2 bottles and drink one and part of the second and take the rest of the bottle home !

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