local-chef-alex-tung-won-the-rustichella-primograno-internationl-pasta-competition-in-abruzzo-italyMijune Pak — WE Vancouver
August 11, 2014 03:08 PM

What a way to wrap up the trip in Abruzzo!

Chef Alex Tung, corporate chef of La Grotta Del Formaggio in Vancouver, and I have spent the last week exploring the world of Rustichella PrimoGrano pasta and Abruzzo culture.

The Peduzzi family celebrated Rustichella’s 90th anniversary this year, and although I was unfamiliar with their pasta, 90 per cent is exported outside of Italy.

Chef Tung was already well-versed and loyal to the brand. We experimented with it leading up to the trip and I was further convinced after learning about their meticulous production process.

Just as important as the quality of rice is to sushi, or bun to a burger, the pasta is the epitome of an excellent pasta dish. Who cares where the tomato is from (actually that does matter), but equally as important is what kind of pasta is it?! Read the full story.


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