Follow Me Foodie to Lima, Peru – A taste of Mistura!

DSC01784Javi of Al Cilindro restaurant and his smoked pork fat potatoes. 

A taste of Mistura

Mijune Pak — WE Vancouver

Wow! All eyes have been on Peru’s food scene in the last five years, and I finally see why. This “Gastronomical Capital of the Americas” leaves me lots to return for.

Mistura is South America’s largest food festival and for the fifth year it was hosted in Lima, Peru.

While Lima is home to extraordinary restaurants like Central, recently named Latin America’s Best Restaurant, street food is its pride and joy.

Locals and tourists flock to the weeklong Mistura food festival to try over 200 food and drink stalls, along with a marketplace highlighting Peruvian products and ingredients.

As a first-time tourist in Peru with limited exposure to Latin American cuisine, Mistura was the ideal place to hit up as much street food as possible with a limited time frame.

From beloved chains to independent restaurants it was hard to narrow down what to try, but with the quick list of “fast feasts” on generated by chief Chowzter of Lima and journalist Nicholas Gill, I was in good hands.

It also helped to have J. Rodrigo Vera Latorre, founder of Mikuy Gastronommic Tours in Lima, give a private tour of Mistura.

From about 200 vendors I was able to try 36 items in the span of five hours. Not bad huh? From the 36, these were my top five: Read the full article.


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