Must Try Vancouver restaurants: L’Abattoir & Espana

L'abattoir beef dip

Old Vancouver restaurants worth a second look

Mijune Pak — Westender

Alright, so if you’re a new restaurant, you get written about, but if you’re an old restaurant, so you don’t. It’s because it’s old news and who cares about old news?

Well I do.

Good food is good food and we need to remember where we can find it. On the other hand, restaurants can start out good and then get too comfortable, which isn’t good either. So here are a couple of Vancouver institutions who have managed to keep consistently high quality and standards, producing some of the “best food” in the city (arguably).

I once called this place “the restaurant Yaletown wished they had, Main Street secretly wished they had, and Gastown is pleased to have.” I’m talking about L’Abattoir, arguably Gastown’s favourite upscale restaurant. Read the full article.


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