Persian cuisine in Vancouver: Zeitoon

Zeitoon-9Persian cuisine in Vancouver: Zeitoon

Mijune Pak — Westender

Last week I asked Vancouver “Where are all the Middle Eastern Restaurants?” It’s a cuisine often overlooked in our multicultural city and with our limited options, it’s worth a closer look. I set out on a mission to breakdown this hodgepodge of “Middle Eastern cuisine” and learn more about it – starting with Persian cuisine.

When I think of Persian cuisine I think of the days chef Hamid Samilian was taking a modernist approach to his Persian inspired menu at The Apron and later at Diva at the Met. It was something relatively new and exotic to the majority, but sadly that criteria is often a tough sell for Vancouverites.

Unfortunately Chef Samilian is taking a break from the restaurant scene teaching future chefs at Vancouver Community College, but fortunately it’s not over for Persian cuisine. The fine dining version of Persian cuisine may be on temporary hold until he’s back on the scene, but the traditional family-style version is the root and typically where to start.

Most of the city’s Persian restaurants are in West Vancouver and North Vancouver, so when the craving hits I aim in that direction. It’s arguably where “the best” ones are too. Read the full article.

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