Follow Me Foodie’s 5 “must-tries” dishes in Vancouver, BC

blvd-chicken-wingsChicken wings at Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar — Mijune Pak

Follow Me Foodie’s holiday must-tries


I often come across dishes I love, but have no story for them. I don’t know where to include them but I want people to know about them.

These are not necessarily holiday specific, but with the extra free time I’d make them priorities.

With the farm-to-table movement and seasonal menus, you just never know when some of the following dishes might be taken off the menu. However, if it’s a best-seller, most likely it won’t come off the menu even if the ingredients are seasonal.

Also, if you’re tossing any sort of diet out the window for the holidays, then don’t waste time on average food. Just go for the good stuff and make every bite count.

Here are five dishes to try over the holidays. Read the full article.


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