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6 Course Discourse6 Course Discourse, hosted by none other than Mijune Pak, takes place Jan. 19 at the Edgewater Casino. — mijune pak

Tourism Vancouver’s Dine Out Vancouver Festival starts Jan. 16, but reservations to restaurants and tickets to events are in full swing!

The standard prix fixe menu has been the root of the festival since it started, but sure has it grown. Over the last few years the festival has included culinary events to the celebration, which is a refreshing highlight.

It is no secret I have a love-hate relationship with Dine Out Vancouver. I feel strongly about the “Dos and Don’ts of Dine Out Vancouver”, and hope people keep them in mind.

On the other hand, there are restaurants doing it justice and if it gets people trying something new, it’s a positive thing. I just wish it would happen without the festival too.

Anyhow, I could be biased since I’m hosting an event myself, but the events are a unique component to the festival I truly enjoy. These one-off experiences are curated by local talent and are less about the bargain, but more about the experience…although there are some events for excellent value.

I haven’t attended these events (except for my own last year which I’m putting on again this year), and the others new to the festival, but here are three I’d be excited to attend. Read the full article.

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