Food That You Can Enjoy In Your Barbados Beach Trip

flying fish dishFood That You Can Enjoy In Your Barbados Beach Trip

Barbados holidays are simply perfect if you want to enjoy a Caribbean beach vacation where you can indulge in fine beaches, great food, friendly people and so much more. Boasting a rich culinary tradition, Barbadian (or Bajan) food is inspired by countries including Spain, England, Portugal and West Africa, with corn, rice, potatoes and fish all having great prominence in many dishes. Here is handful of Barbados dishes that that you simply must try whilst enjoying your beach holiday.

Cou Cou and Flying Fish

Flying fish is the national dish of Barbados and the perfect place to start when sampling the country’s cuisine. To emphasize its importance, the flying fish is actually one of the symbols of Barbados, and in the traditional dish, the fish is either fried or steamed and is served with okra and cornmeal, salt and pepper and a Bajan hot sauce. It’s the perfect end to a day of relaxing under the sun.

Candied Sweet Breads

Bajan candied sweet breads are a national delicacy made from two ingredients found abundantly across the country, sweet potatoes and brown sugar. This mouth-watering dish is sometimes classed as a dish for holidays and special occasions, and to try something a little different the sweet breads are sometimes mashed and adorned with either pineapples or cherries.


Conkies are a traditional island favourite that consist of a combination of sweet potatoes, coconut, corn flour and pumpkin. This delicious mixture is then wrapped in the large leaf of a banana tree and steamed to sweet, sticky perfection. Conkies are often eaten during the Barbados Independence Day celebrations every November 30th.


For those who like something with a little more kick, Bajan pepperpot is definitely the dish for you. Flavoured with lots of spices and hot peppers, the dish is usually made with pork and is served with a simple helping of rice and bread and butter. Some versions of pepperpot also use beef or mutton, but the spice is the dish’s main selling point and you will never be disappointed on that front.

So there we have it, a handful of classic Barbados food options for those wanting to grab a taste of the Caribbean. From fish, to meat, to vegetables, from sweet to spicy to savoury, the cuisine of Barbados truly has something for all palates.

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