Warm up with soup – 5 “must try” soups in Vancouver, BC this winter!

Forage Seafood ChowderAward-winning seafood chowder at Forage

Warm up with soup

Mijune Pak — Westender

In some cultures every meal starts with a salad, or bread and butter, but growing up my meals usually started with soup. It wasn’t just any soup, but a well-thought-out soup. It would change according to season and one’s health, and “delicious” wasn’t always a priority. Sometimes it had medicinal qualities – as well as flavours – so maybe that’s why I overlook it on a menu. I know I’m not alone, but soup deserves a second chance!

It’s that time of the year when warming up to a meal starts with soup, and over the last couple months I’ve come across some real winners. I wasn’t even on a search for them, but they just came up and each one was more impressive than the next.

Here are my five soups to try this season: Read the full article.

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