Celebrate Chinese New Year’s with dumplings! (Vancouver, BC)

Bambudda DumplingBambudda in Gastown is celebrating Chinese New Year with their Dumpling Festival, happening Feb. 18-22.

Celebrate Chinese New Year’s with dumplings!

Mijune Pak — Westender

Oh man! I hate writing about Chinese New Year. Well, I don’t hate it, but I find it extremely difficult. The cuisine is so rich and deep in history and there are so many traditional foods to eat during this time. Simply making a list of three or five things barely scratches the surface, so I’m just sticking to dumplings – arguably one of the most important and popular things to eat during Chinese New Year. From perogies to gyoza to ravioli to matzah balls, dumplings take different shape and form in every city and culture. Even within China and Chinese culture there are hundreds of different dumplings depending on the region.

In Vancouver, we are lucky to have an abundance of excellent Cantonese style dumplings. This is what you would find at dim sum, although they can be eaten for dinner, and if so likely in the context of home. Read my full article and see my dumpling picks here.


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