Classy and sexy cocktail bars in Vancouver (Avoid clichés this Valentine’s Day)

ProhibitionAvoid clichés this Valentine’s Day

Mijiune Pak — Westender

Not too interested in prix fixe menus and cliché Valentine’s Day specials? I feel you.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with celebrating Valentine’s Day and this is not an anti-Valentine’s Day article, but sometimes you rather avoid the crowd, have a low-key night, or even do something fun and exciting that’s not “couple-y”.

You don’t have to have a valentine on Valentine’s Day and I’m all for good company, food, and ambiance regardless of the day. Sure, I usually prioritize food, but sometimes I want an after-dinner spot with a good vibe.

I tend to stick to fancy places with live music supporting local talent, so here are some of the sophisticated yet vibrant lounges I enjoy. Read the full article.

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