London, UK – 3 food ideas and delicious dishes from casual eateries & restaurants

20150529_201142-01Rola Wala naan serve mini naan grilled and topped with paneer, dal, Kashmiri chicken tikka and goan pork roast with pomegranate. Photo: Mijune Pak

London calling: 3 food ideas from across the pond

Mijune Pak — Westender

I’m lying in my bed writing this, suffering from a mix of meat sweats and food coma. I’m coming to the end of my trip in London and I’m just replaying all the amazing dishes I had… and there’s still more to come.

A city once known for bad food has changed its game.

I came to London for the Global Foodie Hub TV awards given out by a website dedicated to finding the best “fast feasts” on Earth. I know, it sounds silly. After all, what is “the best?” Who determines it? Based on what? And have you tried every single item from each competing category on earth?! No. I’ve never been a fan of using the phrase “the best” and taste is personal, but regardless, it’s fun trying to find “the best” of every dish.

The first portion of my trip was committed to street food and affordable restaurants – none of that white tablecloth chi-chi stuff, although I love that stuff too. I saved that for the second half. However, good food doesn’t have to be expensive, and some of my favourite dishes from this trip could easily make an appearance in Vancouver.

Here are three casual and fun dishes that need to make an appearance in Vancouver. Read the full article.

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