Happy hour? I’d be happier with more (Happy Hours in Vancouver, BC)

Joe Fortes OystersThe Oysters Rockefeller with spinach, Pernod, and hollandaise are an excellent choice on Joe Fortes iconic happy hour menu. Photo: Mijune Pak –

Happy hour? I’d be happier with more

Mijune Pak — Westender

As much as I adore our food scene, the city struggles in the happy-hour category. Blame it on strict liquor laws making it challenging to expand happy hours.

But alcohol isn’t the only thing that makes people happy… there’s also food!

What is more bothersome is that happy hours don’t seem to be promoted, and the extent of advertising is usually a sidewalk sandwich board or the random tweet or post on social media.

So here are a few happy hours that offer either good value or good food, or are simply off the radar. Read the full article.

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