iögo Pouches Big Format, Yogurt Bowls… and yogurt confessions.

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Detox time. After coming home from a few trips which included several consecutive days of back to back lunches and dinners, I really needed it. Mind you, I actually enjoy a bowl of yogurt in the morning on a regular basis, so it’s not really a “detox”. I almost treat it as a healthy “dessert”.

If I’m home for at least a week, I usually have yogurt in the fridge. I always get one of those round 750g containers of yogurt and didn’t really see a need for alternative packaging until I was introduced to these new “iögo pouches big format”.

greek pour 2To be honest, I really didn’t see the convenience and pros of the iögo pouches until I bought them. Initially I was skeptical of the plastic, but quickly learned it was recyclable. Yay! I think we can all get on board with that, but here is where it really begins. Here are my yogurt confessions/issues… please don’t roll your eyes too much at me, okay? I’m an over thinker.

So you know that plastic film between the lid and container? Do you rip it off? I don’t think I ever realized how much thought I put into keeping it on halfway or ripping it off entirely until now. I surprised myself with how easily charmed I was that I didn’t have to worry about it anymore.

I tend to rip it halfway open and for some reason think it “seals in freshness” longer, but I don’t even know if that’s true. The film ends up collecting condensation and it drips back in the yogurt and gets all watery. If I rip off the plastic film then it just happens with the lid, so regardless it’s annoying. I know, “big problem” to have, but hey, if there is improvement in packaging to eliminate that “issue”, I like it.

The pouches are also flexible and thin so they take up less room in the fridge and I can squish them in places or stack them up… yes, I like a full fridge despite not being home often. The resealable cap prevents spills and I don’t worry about the yogurt absorbing fridge odours since the pouches allow for less air to enter. The yogurt and flavour stays fresh and I love that.

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The iögo pouches big format are available in three ranges:

  • iögo Original (975g): A classic smooth and creamy yogurt
    • 1.5% M.F. available in vanilla and strawberry flavours
  • iögo Probio (875g): A probiotic yogurt with 25% less sugar
    • 2.5% M.F. available in vanilla and strawberry flavours
  • iögo Greek (750g): A thick and creamy greek yogurt with 13g of protein per 175g portion
    • Available in vanilla 2% M.F. and plain 0% M.F.

hands group shotI don’t get this “creative” in the morning, and if you think I’ve already given an embarrassing confession away re: plastic film, I haven’t. I’m about to let you in on a not-so-dirty dirty secret. Actually it’s not even “dirty”, it’s just totally embarrassing.

I don’t like doing dishes and the less dishes the better. I rather wash two little spoons than a spoon and a bowl, so with the yogurt tub containers I eat my yogurt by transfering yogurt from the tub with a clean spoon to the one I eat with, and repeat until I have had enough. I know. It’s embarrassing and makes no logistical sense, but I do it. It probably takes more effort than washing a freaking bowl and a spoon, but I still do it. And now with these convenient iögo pouches, I’m even lazier – it saves me a spoon wash.

No joke, but I actually squeeze the yogurt from the pouch onto my spoon now. Unexpectedly and impressively, I experienced no drips with these pouches and it leaves me with only one spoon to wash. WIN. It’s almost like eating yogurt right out of the container, but I never do that because it’s not hygienic and the fresh product spoils faster. However now I can do it with these pouches and not have to worry about contamination! I know it sounds ridiculous and ultra-lazy… and yup, it is.

greek with bagAnyhow, on this occasion I decided to have some fun and made a yogurt bowl with iögo Greek yogurt, mangoes, kiwi, guava and toasted coconut. It’s a bit early for local fruit, so I kept it tropical.  vanilla platedThis was a yogurt bowl with iögo Probio probiotic yogurt with 25% less sugar in vanilla. I topped it with my home-made pistachio, coconut and dried cherry granola, dark chocolate, sesame seeds, banana and frozen raspberries.

This is a sponsored post with iögo. Photo credit Brenda.


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    lol….. I’m a savage….. I eat straight from the pan or pot whenever I’m able to. I hate dishes and that way the food is ultra hot when you eat it straight from the pot. Bruno is a little more refined than me……

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