Philips MicroMasticating Slow Juicer – Product review


Philips MicroMasticating Slow Juicer

Definitely been doing some of this since the holidays… heck, who am I kidding? I’m a glutton. I shouldn’t pretend I’m only “binge eating” during the holiday season. Mind you I’m getting older now and fitness and health are becoming more of a concern, if it is the same for you, Here are the safest testosterone boosting supplements. So that’s where this comes in!

I’m not a juicer, although I have one. I bought an affordable one that’s easy to clean a few years ago, but stopped using it after I did more research on juicers. The type of machine really makes an impact on the quality of juice, and with high speed juicers I am pretty much introducing sugar to my body without the maximum nutritional benefits from ingredients.

I’ve been researching slow juicers for the last year and had my eye on a couple models, but the investment didn’t really make sense unless I was opening a juicing business. Juicing isn’t part of my daily routine or lifestyle, but if I’m going to start doing it more often, then I want to do it right.

I am actually new to the line of Philips kitchen appliances and this is the first item from them I’ve tried. The Philips MicroMasticating Slow Juicer is not a juicer I am familiar with, but after testing it out, I already like it better than my old one.

Philips MicroMasticating Slow JuicerIt is slightly intimidating to put together, but it looks nice on the kitchen counter top and does a good job extracting juice. It actually even extracts nuts, so you can use it to make almond, walnut and other nut mylks.

5d3_2585The MicroMasticating design extracts up to 90%* of the fruit leaving behind relatively dry pulp. It does not rip through the delicate cell walls of fruits and vegetables which contain the most vitamins and nutrients. Instead the MicroMasticating technology opens up the cell walls by slowly squeezing it through a uniquely designed spindle and multiribs. This means cutting the fruit up into fairly small pieces to feed into the machine, but with quality comes patience. 


  • MicroMasticating technology
  • Has a drip stop
  • Limited waste, dry pulp
  • Looks nice
  • Safe for all ages to use


  • Comes with many pieces, so bit intimidating to set-up and take apart
  • Fruit must be cut quite small to feed through juicer
  • Medium noise level

Retail value around $400 CAD

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