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"Call the kettle black" and ice and cream and recipe

Top 10 Gift Ideas & “Must Haves” for Cooks & Chefs!

Top 10 Gift Ideas & “Must Haves” for the Foodies who are rolling in the dough… literally. Gifts for the Bakers, Cooks & “Wannabe” Chefs! This top 10 list features gift ideas and “must-haves” for the cook or chef who prefers making everything from scratch.

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Top 10 Gift Ideas & “Must Haves” for Foodies & Gourmets!

This top 10 list features gift ideas and “must-haves” for the general “Foodie” and “Gourmet”. For this list, my definition of the “general foodie and gourmet” (whatever you prefer to be called) is someone who appreciates everything to do with food including eating, cooking and dining out.

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Baked Beet and Apple Chips with Chocolate Recipe

Beet chips and apple chips sounded pretty “yawn” to me so I wanted to do something a bit different, but still simple. I’ve made a chocolate lava cake with a beet coulis centre before so why not beet chips with chocolate? Also use the code ‘slice and dice’ for a discount on the mandoline at Call the Kettle Black!

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Brown Buttered Toast Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe

Yes! It’s as good as it sounds… and if it doesn’t sound good to you then start thinking outside of the ice cream box! On occasion my dad used to make me ice cream on toast for breakfast or dessert growing up. It was one of my favourite things. Now here’s my version of brown butter and toast ice cream!

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Old Fashioned Vanilla Bean Doughnut Gelato Recipe

I debated sous-viding the doughnuts in milk, infusing the doughnuts in the milk, and then just chopping them up and tossing them in at the end. However I wanted the gelato to almost be like cake batter with a thick, creamy and distinct doughnut flavour.

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